Why I invented the Halloween Fairy

This is my one genius contribution to parenting. You’re welcome in advance.

Halloween Loot

We’re not against Halloween. I don’t go all out with decorations, I’m super lazy when it comes to costumes but I don’t skimp on the hand-out candy (I don’t want to be “that” house) and I love the neighborhood interaction and all the adorable little kids.

What I could care less for? Scaring my kids on purpose for fun with nightmarish decorations and costumes and all that damn candy.

Fire Truck Parade

I love participating. Especially when it comes to neighborhoods. This is the first neighborhood we’ve liven in where we actually get trick or treaters. (We did when we were renting, too but that was a fleeting one year thing.) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of meeting the people who live near me. If that’s what I get out of Halloween, then awesome.

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011, Oliver’s a dalmatian and Jessica was the tooth fairy.

Halloween 2009

Carving pumpkins 2013


LOOK! Baby Jessica, her first halloween. She’s 9 months old and walking, oh yes. She was a fairy then too.

And for good measure, one of Oliver, age 3.


OK, but the candy. Seriously. I’m diabetic (type 1), I don’t need candy around. I like our inexpensive dental bills and I’d like to keep them that way. I also don’t love hopping my kids up on sugar or sending them to school with candy every day for the next 3 months until Valentines.

So I invented the Halloween Fairy.

We partake in all the festivities of Halloween – we hand-out candy and go trick or treating, probably more than once. The kids can have a few pieces that night – they can take stock of their haul and we take photos and everyone talks about what their favorites were of the night. Favorite house? Favorite candy? Favorite costume?

Then we take their candy away. Better yet? They give it to us. How??

Well when the kids go to bed, they leave their buckets of candy outside their bedroom doors. Sometime in the middle of the night the Halloween Fairy comes along and trades them a little present for their candy. They wake up to a surprise that doesn’t involve type 2 diabetes, fake teeth, or gut problems and everyone wins!

They don’t get $20 toys. I usually grab something from the dollar store or have something on hand already that can suffice. (Small match box cars, bubbles, tape. You’d be surprised.)

They’ve asked us what the Halloween Fairy does with the candy (she gives it to Dad who takes it to work and we never see it again …) but we tell them that she just makes use for it, she’s best friends with the tooth fairy – so she’s helping the tooth fairy out by keeping their teeth healthy.

Now go tell someone the secret …

Carving pumpkins 2013

You can thank me with wine. Red wine.

4 thoughts on “Why I invented the Halloween Fairy

  1. Boo! I think I should take away your red wine!!! =) Our girls keep a gallon size Ziplock bag and bring the rest to the orthodontist who pays them for it. He donates it to troops. Win win.

  2. I’d definitely donate it – just don’t know where to do it. Aaron took it to work already, I’m sure the members of The Factory are happy campers right now šŸ™‚ Next year!

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