Dear Thanksgiving Break,

I love you. With wide arms, awkwardly long hugs, and talking excitedly too close to your face. I love you so much.

In less than an hour I get to pick up my kids and throw their back-pack’s across the living room. I don’t even care that there’s probably a huge manilla envelope I need to tend to. I won’t read a thing. Not until Sunday night at 11pm. I won’t set the timer for reading minutes for a glorious 96 hours and I apologize in advance for my lack of follow through on any homework from now until the end of Christmas Break.

I’ve volunteered, helped, donated, delivered, signed, read and invested with 110% so far this year. It’s been the best, I love the community of our school and the friends our kids are making – it’s all just wonderful.

But for the next 5 weeks, maybe 6 (let’s be honest) I’m on mom-vacation. I can’t be bothered to sign any more forms or pay any more for after school clubs. I will attend the bare minimum of required “fun mom” opportunities and I will fork over ready made foodstuffs and gift cards for parties and gifts.

You understand, I know. We wink and smile at each other. Fist bumping the success thus far this year: WE MADE IT TO THANKSGIVING!!! When I close my eyes I’m actually sitting on a lounge chair with the clearest blue water breaking at my feet, magical dolphins are flipping in the air and we’re toasting our mimosa’s. Girlfriend, we’re happy drunk on sunshine. I use my children’s late assignments to fan my face in the hot hot sun. It feels so good.

We’re going to overdose on holiday themed movies. We’re going to spend too many hours in the kitchen figuring out new traditions with food allergies. Cookies! Hot Chocolate! Snow men! I plan to lounge in my pajama’s and not care at all that I can’t be bothered to wear a bra for 24 hours straight. I will not go shopping on Friday, you people scare me. I can’t wait to read and write and take long showers and eat leftovers and finish a bottle of wine. I will keep score while we play yahtzee and we’ll sleep in and go to a movie in the middle of the day and go for walks.

Or maybe? We’ll do nothing at all and it won’t bother me. At all.

Either way, thanks for understanding. I’ve got memories to make, traditions to create. Who wants a hot toddy???

*raises hand*

drops mic


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