Living in it

Our remodel is moving along quickly. This is our main floor before we began:

Main floor living room

And this was roughly the same angle of the same room yesterday afternoon:


Below we have the chimney exposed and the new doorway to the master bedroom cut out:
Chimney and to the right - new door to bedroom (can't see the left - but it's the bathroom)

I finally have all the lights picked out, fixtures for above the island, sink and in the hall way as well as in the master bedroom.

The first few days of the project were very messy – everything was every where and the dust was ridiculous. It found it’s way into closed and sealed boxes. I kept thinking about what a mess this was and oh my word – what did we do? And then I woke up one morning and thought “this is just stuff”. Yea, it’s inconvenient. But it’s a box of dishes, not the joy I find in life and that perspective change was timely.

We’re definitely excited for this project – we’ve been dreaming about it since we bought the house – but it’s just a house. It was fine before, it’ll be fine after. We’ll love living there – I won’t be moving any time soon – and our kids will grow up here and we’ll host parties and feed neighbors and friends and stain the floor and make mistakes. And it’s all just stuff.

The people living here matter more.

I’m pretty excited to watch the new bones of the house creak and sway with the motion of our lives. As we move furniture around and figure out the best place to build forts, as we host sleep overs and play dates, book clubs and all kinds of simple evenings where the stuff might show up, but the gathering of friends is what lasts longer …

Dinner with friends; by friends. #love

when we open our arms the way we can open our hearts and feel the greatness of letting in.

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