Beware: New Year Ahead

Something I’ve been working on, daring myself to bend a little more …

Things to be aware of when change is around the corner:

windows open for rain. The best smell in the world.

When my first response to correspondence that requires attention or empathy is annoyance, I need to step back. The villains that creep up and scare me into the enemy lines of comparison or cocky confidence come with thorns. They impale and draw blood upon their exit.

Be careful, be gentle. Turn the screens off, sign off. Take a walk or drink a glass of water. Don’t voice your gut reaction – she’s toxic. Swallow her for a while, take a shower. Give your venom to the pages and when you’re ready come back with a full heart and start over.

When tears spring from deep inside of you, take you by surprise, and well in your eyes: take note. This moment matters. Let the tears fall, let your shoulders dance. There will be time for composure later. The people who are present are there for a reason. Don’t shy away from your vulnerability for them: they might need the invitation to try their own on for size. You’re building community – they’ll accept what you have to offer.

Breakfast on the Farm

If they don’t: they’re not ready. You are and it’s ok.

When it’s time to sing, close your eyes and sing. When it’s time to dance, open your arms and dance. When it’s time to be still, quiet your mind and listen.

Trust your heart.


Welcome Change, she’s here to stretch you.

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