16 going on 17 …. days together.

You with all your excitement over another day at home with your school aged children: you’re adorable. I want to pet you, you’re so cute. Shiny and rosy cheeked. Your smile is blinding. Excuse me while I eat brownie batter locked in the bathroom and guzzle coffee creamer from the bottle. The indigestion is totally worth it.

While the outdoors looks like a frozen tundra and our main floor is being primed today I thought I’d share some of our inspiration and sources for the remodel. (You can loosely read this as “I’m stuck in the basement with my kids for the 16th day in a row, my coffee is cold, there’s a My Little Pony marathon happening and it’s too early to eat my feelings”.)

I’m keeping the Pinterest Inspiration board updated as well as I can.

(Quick side note: Once my youngest went to school full time I noticed very quickly how fast my interaction with social media directly correlated to time spent with my kids. The longer the duration of time together – the more active I become on social media. Twitter, facebook, instagram. I don’t know if I should be worried about this or not. It seems to be a coping method, in a way, to feel like I’m engaging in adult conversations when I’m negotiating trade deals and refereeing the olympic sport of bickering and reminding my athletic gymnasts of children that we do not, in fact, jump off the couch and land on top of my freshly folded laundry. I check-in (or rather, check-out) to keep from screaming into pillows. I’ll be the first to admit it – I actually have limits to how much child-rearing in the name of Pinterest I can handle. Hint: It’s less than 2 weeks of Christmas vacation and 3 snow days in a row. This is me not complaining – I’m inviting you to be real. Real excited (you’re adorable, see above) or real frantic. Or just tired. Or you might be made for this sort of thing: in which I hail you as queen, please teach me your ways. But first? Can someone please just tell us mom’s, working outside the home or not, that what we do is hard and you get it? Because I need someone to understand that today. That the other side of the brightest star is still the empty darkness.)

I have no idea what any of that has to do with a source list but, meh.

So the house:

Front the french doors into the kitchen

It was primed today – all the ceilings are painted and done. The list of things needed to be done yet are (loosely):

# Picking out paint colors for rest of walls
# Installing flooring
# Installing vanity
# Tile bathroom surround and floors
# Tile back door entry
# Decide on ceiling details
# Trim the windows and walls
# Install light fixtures
# Patch siding on exterior of house
# Trim exterior windows and doors
# Electrical finishings
# Design and decide on closet systems
# Install wine cabinet/shelving
# Hang track door for pantry
# Misc details (drawer pulls, etc)

Our bathroom vanity will look identical to this – without the black and white as the color scheme. And these are the lights we’ll be using above the mirrors in the bathroom, with the wire cages (we’ll be using these same lights for our exterior lights by the deck).


We can’t afford to do the island right now but the lights will be installed and the pantry doors will be chalkboard doors on a ceiling track system similar to this.

I really love this ceiling detail and am trying to decide if it’ll be in the living room/kitchen space as well as/or just in the master bedroom.

My current dilemma’s are with paint colors and closet systems.

Our flooring is going to be plywood planks stripped into 16 inch width. (!!!)

I don’t think it’s too surprising that we’ll be doing subway tiles in the bathroom for the shower surround. And I’m still debating the pattern of the bathroom floor tile. We’ll have this light above the kitchen sink and this light in the hall way – as a bit of a focal point for the house.

Little cubby will be wine storage, thinking this is going to be an accent wall. Primed

The little cubby to the left in the photo above will be wine storage and a book shelf, I haven’t seen the final plan but it’s being built and will be installed sooner or later. So excited for that little detail! No wasted space in this little house. The other side of this cubby is the linen closet in the bathroom and it was going to be so very deep, but we fixed that.

I think that’s all the house talk I can handle for one day. I’m off to keep pinning closet inspiration for our meeting later tonight (if it doesn’t get canceled).

Stay warm!!

2 thoughts on “16 going on 17 …. days together.

  1. I have only been home since 2…the ear buds are in and they have gone bat shit crazy over here. Our main bathroom is in progress and not usable….not our main floor…feel for you! I don’t even dare make eye contact…yet they are so cute. You got this.

  2. Hey, I feel ya. At this point, even the kids are excited to get back to school. Maybe because I finally hit my breaking point today and made the kids clean up after ME all day? Ha. You should try that sometime. Good fun.

    Looking forward to seeing the remodel in person…eventually. How’s May looking for you? šŸ˜‰

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