my mom told me once that “there’s more than one good choice”

I stopped in a store today – that didn’t have lumber for sale.

Big day.

We’ve been waiting for obvious reasons to buy finishing touches (things like door handles or drawer pulls) because it was hard to see how everything would work together on paper. Yesterday was the first day in almost 8 weeks that this house felt like my home.

Here’s some of the progress shots:

This happened today. #plywoodfloors #industrialcottage #wemadethatup

Wine cabinet!


From inside the bathroom (see, we have one!) looking out to the door leading upstairs. Tile wall (shower to right, vanity to left) from the door the kitchen/family room is to your right and our bedroom/the library is to your let

Master bedroom ceiling. I squealed.

Tile wraps and surrounds toilet nook.

I decided against herringbone floors in the bathroom – if I had gone with a smaller tile for the floor it might have worked, but glad we’re doing something less busy on the floor with all the pattern on the wall.

The store I stopped in was TJMaxx (and I’ve had to stop myself from multiple trips to HomeGoods “just to look”) and it got me really excited about the finished product. I didn’t buy anything, I was looking for mirrors, but I think I started feeling like however it was when the last tool was packed and the last truck drove away would be how I’d have to leave it. Forever.

That after the colors were on the wall and whatever we weren’t able to finish: never would be. That this big thing we decided to do was like laying cement over every surface.

And guess what?

It’s not.

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