I went to church

my mom used to play piano in church
we’d clap our hands like the trees of the field
and it would marinate our house on Sunday mornings
while she practiced

In Texas she would put the house to sleep
at the ivory keys
and I was mesmerized by the instrument
it’s maze of wires and the curved wood

Her body swayed in time while her feet
peddled the melodies
and the bass would rumble as her
fingers climbed the scales

I never had nightmares on the nights
she played the piano
because the music washed over me like a blanket
warm and heavy

There’s something about piano

it doesn’t matter where I am
when the last note lingers and
I find myself, eyes closed in reverence,
hanging on for just one more note …

because I just went to church
and God spoke right to me.

4 thoughts on “I went to church

  1. This poem is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have read in a very long time. It speaks to me personally because I play the piano at the local Baptist nursing home for their Sunday services. This is beautiful, Jodi. Keep writing. You have such a wonderful gift! I love you.

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