I have a present for you

I’ve lost sleep over this little house:

Please buy this house because I can't

Here’s the information on it via swmric.com as well as zillow.com.

It’s not much to look at right now, I understand. Don’t you worry. Remember what our house looked like when we saw it for the first time? An open mind is your best tool when you’re looking for a house to buy, wether it be an investment or a place for you.

So let me show you what I would do with this house if I could (any takers?? Who wants to do this with me? I am not even kidding. But if you want to do it by yourself, have at it. Terry would love sell it to you.)

First, the location is just so good. Halfway between Holland and Saugatuck and within a mile of a restaurant, liquor store, and grocery store. Just down the street from a park and 2 blocks off Lake Macatawa.

But it needs a little curb appeal: a porch would do just fine. I wouldn’t wrap it but you could. I’d just add it to the front.

Here’s the kitchen as it sits now:

Please buy this house because I can't

Here’s what I would do:

Tear up the carpet through out the whole house, if the subfloor was in bad shape, I’d lay plywood floors. But for the square footage of the house – splurging on something wouldn’t break the bank either. I want to save my splurge money for something else though, so at a $1 a square foot, I’d stick with the plywood floors.

The counter top and backsplash is an easy fix, I’d replace it with something like wood or even laminate and subway tile the backsplash. Classic, simple, clean. I don’t think I’d touch the layout of cabinets – it’s functional.

I would add trim to the ceiling for this effect:

And then I’d add a locker island with a few stools for seating:

I know that Phyllis in Hamilton has 2 in stock as of last weekend for $295 each.

For the bedroom I’d see if it was possible to vault the ceilings (like this) to add more sleeping I’d check in to adding a loft in the bedroom but keep the ceilings vaulted in the living room.

But the bathroom is where I would splurge.

Please buy this house because I can't

From the photos in the listing it looks as though the other side of the bathroom is the bedroom closets, I would consider stealing some closet space to make the bathroom larger and see if a tub could fit. Otherwise I’d rework the current layout to better use the space and create some pleasing storage solutions …

Lydia | shupg.com’s pin on Pinterest.

Definitely tile in the bathroom to at least chair-rail height and tile the shower (or possible tub). Tile for floor in bathroom as well.

From here I would take the last update to the back of the house, outside.

Please buy this house because I can't

I’d add a patio (like this) but not stamped, just concrete. Paint the walls inside an open and airy pallet of grays or creams with white trim and you’ll wonder why you don’t just move in for yourself. You could, that’s the fun of it.

Sounds easy when you’re dreaming, I know. But I honestly think I could contract and/or DIY some of the changes for a total investment of $10-12,000. Maybe less, possibly more. I haven’t had a contractor look at it, nor have I inspected the house myself. You see, if I did, I would be writing a different story about how I was about to embark on all of this myself. Because I want it so bad.

That’s all good and dandy but does it make dollars and cents? The way I envision it, it could sleep up to 6. You could have yourself an awesome airbnb.com rental close to the lake, between two of the best lakeshore towns in West Michigan that would be fully stocked and family friendly. Or, you could just flip it. Buy it right, put your elbow grease into it and then sell for the improved value.

(Side note: here’s a house in St. Joe on airbnb.com, it’s a little larger with 2 bedrooms and literally on the Lake, but it’s simple, bright and clean. I’m not saying you could get $300 a night for this little house comparatively, but what if you could get $399-$579 a week in the summer? Run your own numbers, I’m not an agent.;) But seriously, think about it.)

I just do this for fun and now, I get to write about this for a job too. If you want to see this house or buy it, because why wouldn’t you, you should probably email us.

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  1. Someday I am going to be ready have my try at everything you just wrote. And maybe you’ll be ready at the same time?

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