Gimme s’more

GIMME s'more-ah that smoothie.

Here, we made you something.

There’s a skating party tonight (!!!) and that called for whirley-pop popcorn as an after-school snack and a chocolate shake. Only, we don’t have any ice cream. Or chocolate syrup.

So we made it up and it was goooooood.


Grab a couple banana’s, some crunchy peanut butter, nutella or hazelnut spread, a few ice cubes and a little coconut milk.


Top it off with a small handful of mini-marshmallows and a sprinkle of chocolate chips or whatever you have on hand. Some whipped cream would be awesome, or nothing at all … and take a gulp.


I closed my eyes and pretended I was barefoot on the grass and I could smell spring. It was probably the best idea I had all day.

Happy slurping.

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