34th St Project

This house is a go. We’re doing the project!

Last week we had an open house to start the process. Basically it was this blog post in real life.

34th St home, first open house

34th St home, first open house

I would have liked to have some sitcky notes at the ready for guests to walk through and post their ideas/suggestions but there will be more chances throughout the process and you guys are going to get to make decisions too. I’m so excited!

34th St home, first open house

34th St home, first open house

Wink. In the mean time, as things get started, there’s a couple ways for you to get involved right now.

34th St home, first open house

Terry Brinks on instagram and hashtag #34thStProject are going to be fun to follow/watch.

I’m also on Instagram and will be posting a few things there as well, I’m sure.

You can join the dedicated Pinterest Board for this project and pin your ideas or comment on ours. And of course, at any time, if you just need to see it for yourself – don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll potentially have scheduled walk-throughs and a few more events along the way, not to mention the final celebration to see the completed vision.

The house will have updated electrical and new windows. We’ll be opening up the floor plan with removing 2 of the walls on the main floor for a better flow of space. Opening up the stairway on one side, new flooring, reconfiguring a doorway for a master bathroom and possibly drywalling the basement and revamping the bonus room upstairs. Paint, new trim and a new kitchen. I’m sure some of this will change along the way, either by adding additional ideas or reworking current ones to stay within budget. But that’s the game plan.

Hoping to knock some walls down next week.

What’s on your House-List these days? My personal house-list includes kitchen cabinets, a couple rugs, some art. A couch. Spring to finally be here. You know, the basics šŸ™‚ A money tree wouldn’t be bad either, amirite?

It might take another 10 years and I’m ok with that, it’s time to live in our house. I’m so ready for that.

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