Jessica’s bedroom from start to finish

When we first looked at our house as it was for sale – this is a photo I snapped of one of the upstairs bedrooms:

first showing

This bedroom would eventually become Jessica’s … and today it looks more like this (with piles of clean clothes and about 57 stuffed animals strewn about.)

When we bought the house (other side of room … )

first showing

Today …

Her bedroom went through some transition in the 2 years we lived here before we redid her room. Purple walls and a few different bed spreads and a lot of orange wood. She had pretty terrible sleep until we decided to read up on mattresses and sleep. We found the Novosbed review early in the year and decide to try what they suggested. Ever since, she’s been dreaming and remembering those dreams vividly, has great sleep and is in a good mood when she wakes.

Her closet now has chalkboard paint and there’s an adorable decal on the wall, too.

Final touch to her room. This kid got big on me. Make it stop.

Her bedspread is Apt. 9 from Kohl’s.

Both lamps were bought from the Hotel Furniture Outlet in Holland and my mom repainted the bases and doctored up the shades.

Her wall color is …

Jessica's paint color detail

A Seven’s Paint color – but I think we picked it out from a Behr paint book. (Although I can’t find the name of the paint for the life of me.)

This bedroom was done by my mom, by the way. She does this as part of her living. Email me if you’d like her info. And Thanks, mom!

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