Main floor bathroom :: After

Early 2012, I think February, I looked at our house for the first time. I snapped only a few photos and this is the one I grabbed of the bathroom:

first showing

The end of April 2012 we moved in and quickly replaced the sink in the bathroom and soon after painted … and then it looked like this:

we have a home

(Look at those sea shells, love it.)

we have a home

this is my house

progress shots of house May 2012

Eventually I tore up the linoleum flooring, painted the subfloor and then had interim tile installed until we could afford to rip the house apart and start over with this bathroom.

And before the renovations started this was our official BEFORE …

Main floor bathroom

I’ll do a post on the layout of the house before and after and show you where we moved walls etc, but this is what the After ended up as:



We made it larger, by oh, triple the original size. I’m guessing. I’m not very good at square footage – but our must haves were a double vanity with the center cabinet counter to ceiling height. I was pretty specific about it – this was our exact inspiration.

Open shelving/linen closet and tile. Lots of tile.

tile bathroom floor and wall

pocket door, tile wall

I loved the idea of darker interior doors and we chose to do pocket doors to save even more space, not only in the bathroom but the hallway as well. The house before was a mess of little hallways and doorways colliding.

I also loved the idea of wrapping the tile from the shower surround around the toilet alcove and was way too excited about it when everything was finished.

toilet nook

Our counter tops and sinks are from Standard Kitchens in Holland (ask for Julia) and the surface is an engineered counter to mimic concrete. Our color choice was “Thunder”.

Custom cabinets for vanity

Marbelite countertops

The sinks are Kohler, under mount.

undermount sink

The vanity lighting is from Menards – they’re actually outdoor lights and we used them for our deck lighting as well.

details of remodel

There are two other fixtures in the bathroom as well (near the shower and in the toilet alcove) and we reused the original kitchen fixtures. The electricians said it was usually more lighting than the norm for a bathroom, but we’re so glad we did 4 fixtures. The light (along with the larger window) is amazing in this bathroom.

Tile and lights today. I love these: we reused our kitchen fixtures from before the remodel in the bathroom. A little bit of her soul lives on.

Our cabinets were custom made with soft close doors and drawers (a surprise to us! yay!) and there’s literally more storage than we know what to do with at this point. The glass knob pulls are from Hobby Lobby. (And break easily by the way, buy extra or choose something different)


cabinets and pulls

And our fun towel hooks are from Menards again – they’re garage storage hooks.

main bath details, towel hooks

details of remodel

Tile is from Lowe’s, grout color is stormy grey (I believe) and if you notice, we did a different tile/grout on the ceiling of the shower surround (white/white) to keep it visually unnoticeable but still protected.

Grout for the flooring tile is a lighter shade grey. Vanity sink faucets and the shower dressings are from Lowes as well. The sink faucets weren’t what we originally picked out and I can’t remember the brand name, probably Kohler.

Paint color in the bathroom is Titanium, a Behr color from their “Whites” booklet. (Same color as the Master Bedroom as well … but can’t find it online.)

Let me know if I missed something!

As time goes on and we have the budget to fill out the space – I would LOVE to have a Christina Baker original for the empty space in the alcove.

We saved our pennies and just ordered this shower curtain for the shower as well, I was hoping it would be here today but no dice. Soon!

From there we’ll figure out a system for the open shelving (still have to seal the shelves themselves) and maybe some baskets. A few more things for the walls as time goes on and very possibly larger mirrors, a rug, maybe a hamper … but for now: it’s done.

Rod Obbink of Obbink Builders was our builder/contractor. We used Celebrate Decorating 616-405-4502 (Jay and Doug Vander Vliet, a father/son duo) as our painters. Couldn’t be more happy with how things went and turned out.

Also, there wasn’t a shower in the main floor bathroom before we remodeled. Just the tub which we used for the kids’ baths. We had a shower in the basement and last November we renovated and finished the entire basement – we made the basement shower larger and that was our main-use bathroom until we remodeled the main floor. We also lived in our basement during the remodel of the main floor and that bathroom was a huge help.

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