3 things to do with glass jars

We’ve taken to reusing our glass jars out of necessity because our drinking glasses kept breaking. Jam jars, ball jars, and other random jars don’t break as easily and I’m a sucker for most anything in a miniature form. (Jam jars, check.)

learning how to make Italian Soda's

But then I was looking through my old pins and boards on Pinterest and came across this lovely idea.

I have those jars, too.

details of remodel

Currently housing my thank-you cards for easy access and a beautiful, texture filled display.

I’ve used this jar for years – it’s been filled with Fall Trail Mix, cookies for a bake sale, and homemade hot chocolate mix.

Fall Trail Mix!

Cookies, each sold seperately

Hot Chocolate

And any way, it got me thinking. I haven’t put plants in them yet. You guys, you can buy these jars (in different sizes) at Walmart (no this is not an ad).

Jar with lid at Walmart. Under $10

2 Gallon jar – $9.97

1 Gallon jar – $7.44

And we all love the Terrariums you see, but how easy is this? Stick a potted plant (even in a bowl) in this jar and it’s an instant center-piece. Did your Easter gathering just get interesting?

I think mine just did.

So, to recap because I used a number in the title of this post … here’s my 3 ways to use glass jars.

1) Store pretty textiles in them. Cards, paper, stationary. Tea towels, cheese cloth (or if you’re a cheesemaker, your own little haven of tools/special items), your fabric or knitting supplies.

2) Store foodstuffs! Any foodstuff will do. (I’m a sucker for layering color and texture, or very neatly stacked rows of miniature cookies.) ((Miniatures, it’s like catnip.))

3) OR! Make an indoor garden or fool-proof terrarium with out the mess.

When you’ve conquered your center-piece you can move on to this easy and adorable gift for the little bunnies in your life. I know I will.

3 thoughts on “3 things to do with glass jars

  1. Storing thank you cards in a jar isn’t something I’ve heard of before, but I like the idea of keeping them easily accessible!

  2. I love the idea of putting my homemade hot chocolate mix in there! Excellent idea! That is just awesome. I will definitely do that for next year!

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