Weekly recap: 34th St Project

So much more has happened since Day 1 of demo with the house.

It’s nuts. Take a second to familiarize yourself with the progress and the vision and we’ll meet back here to discuss what’s currently going on.


Just a few days later that same space Jessica is getting after in the photo above looked like the photo below:



And now with new windows …

Progress on 34th St Project

The obvious transformation is the removal of the load bearing wall and the kitchen wall. The house is open when you walk into it now. Late in the afternoon yesterday Terry and I walked the house and discussed the layout of the kitchen, where the island is going to go (5X4 feet, lots of counter!), a few key changes to the sole remaining bathroom for the house after we made the second bathroom a master en-suite. Electrical, the hallway cut out (wine bar storage and coffee counter), and the under the stairs storage options.

From the blue room (used to be a bedroom) we exposed the chimney and cut out the empty space beneath the stairs:


Here’s the plan for this wall:


This space has been the most changeable day to day. We just didn’t know what was going to happen until we opened it up and could see where the options lay. Adding storage on this side of the stairs (instead of drywalling it and using the whole wall for media storage etc) was an option. But because of how the other side of this space lays out and functions we came to a different conclusion. (Chip in, fresh eyes help!)

So let’s discuss:

hallway and under stairs

1. This arch is coming out – from the original vision of the space the fridge is going to be put where the pantry is now and the pantry will be where the desk is in this photo. When you do that it closes that section of the walkway in. So the arch is coming out to open up the walk way. Because …

2. This can’t change. The doorway that was here before (for the closet) is gone and the closet is gone, but the opening is as big as it’s going to get so we have to deal with that.

3. The pantry will live here. We tried it out in this photo.

4. This post has to stay and that makes #2 a little more frustrating for me. We have to be really creative with how we execute this space. I’m thinking of anchoring the counter top (seen here) with a matching column to this one. A loose interpretation of what I’m thinking can be seen here or here.

5. Actual under the stairs storage! Most likely we’ll have doors on this so it can utalized as storage. The open chimney? I’m thinking wrapping it like this.

And the dormer upstairs (if you don’t mind jumping floors with me) will get a great little built in homework station.

While we’re upstairs the Bonus Room has gotten some love!


We’re taking the rest of the drywall down as well. It’ll get some more electrical and lights, new walls (obviously) and either bead-board or board and batten. We probably won’t build in beds or desks from our original vision but the room itself will be easy to do either with once someone moves in šŸ™‚

There’s been a lot of interest actually, we had to wait to make a few decisions because there’s been so many people asking about how to buy it. Right now we’re moving forward with no buyers on board, but that’s the fun of this … we get to keep going with our original vision but if someone comes along and says “This is our house! I love it!” it’ll take a few changes on as there’s always the option to customize a few things for interested buyers.

That was a lot of words and none of which matter much if you just love the process of the remodel. It’s going well! I’m headed over there to check on things again today. Next week we’ll have another open house with flooring samples, some light fixtures to look at, and colors to choose from.

It moves fast so stop in and ask if I’m not taking you along for the ride enough! And guys, I’m there all the time – wanna see it? Just ask!! I’d love to have your input and ideas.

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