It’s go time … almost

While we’re waiting for the Electrical Inspection I’m getting everything lined up and ready for “Go time”.

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since I introduced this house and only 2 weeks ago that we started demo. You can see the progress we’ve made up to now if you haven’t checked in for a while.

The beam was installed this past week as well as most of the new electrical in the form of can lights, new wiring, etc.

Details and decisions for 34th st home

Details and decisions for 34th st home

And I’ve bought most of the new fixtures for the house but I’m still looking for bedroom fixtures, something funky for the bonus room, and outdoor lights.

Today though I want to get specific about the main floor bathroom and the laundry room:

Here’s the laundry room from the very beginning:

34th St home

Nothing much has changed in here in way of demo yet. We’ll be replacing the floors and painting and the doorway that was once open to a second bathroom is now going to be a solid wall with folding table installed. Maybe this product installed like this.

My inspiration for the laundry space was loosely based on this photo:

So let’s talk turkey.

Painting the walls and cabinets and updating the lighting in this space is an easy fix. But we’re also adding a wash basin, folding table and redoing the floors. There’s a huge closet in the laundry room perfect for storing your vacuum, broom, cleaning supplies or out of season coats.

The new wash basin will go underneath the window – my inspiration was this … on the left.

Laundry room sink inspiration on the left: Awesome find at a flea market on the right. Having the wash basin sand blasted to get rid of rust and ready to restore - total cost will be less than $60! #34thStProject

And on the right is the wash basin I found at the Allegan Antique Market this past weekend. The basin itself was $32 out the door, tax included, and I brought it to Stu’s Welding in Holland to have them sand blast the rust off and ready it for restoration. A new coat of paint on the legs, I’m not sure yet on the basin … I’m looking into how to seal it if possible. The cost of sand blasting will be $25-30 depending on the time it takes.

Which would make this laundry room the golden gem of the house on it’s own but guys!! I have the lights too.

Inspired by the color of these pendants, I set out to get the look for less …

These beauties are painted and ready for the laundry room of the #34thStProject! There are 2 of them. #yay #giddy #laundryroomsarethenewbathrooms

I bought 2 of these lights from a garage sale a couple years ago (five bucks each) and always planned on using them in a home (laundry room to be exact) and did for a while before we renovated our basement, then the lights sat in our garage waiting for a home in the studio … and then this house happened. I brought the pendants to our painters and asked how I could get the jadeite color for the lamps – BEST TRICK EVER: I picked a color to match as closely as I could, they took it to the paint store, the paint store MADE A SPRAY CAN OF THE PAINT and then our painters took it back and sprayed it.

Cost of customized spray can? $8.

We’ll paint the cabinets in the laundry area a creamy white, keep the hardware. I’m thinking of floors similar to this (vinyl) and I’m unsure yet of the color scheme for the walls. Work in progress.

Now for the bathroom:

34th St home

Seeing as this is the only bathroom left for visitors and there’s literally no storage available – I begged for a small budget for this space to add a bit of personality and functionality. Here’s what we came up with: new tile flooring, it’s a small bathroom and the littlest things can go a long way in my opinion. (Paying attention to the details like flooring, overall flow, comfort, and storage can make the tiniest space memorable AND functional.) A new and bigger vanity, different lights and a wall treatment with shelves.

SO: new tile flooring? Check.

Details and decisions for 34th st home

We’ll do this tile with a dark grey grout and the walls are getting a board and batten feature wrapped around as well.

Replacing the vanity with this old dresser (picked up for $95 at an antique store) we’ll retrofit a sink to the top, waterproof it and install it.

34th st project

From the same antique store I picked up the new lighting for the bathroom for $20 each these pendants are a fun story element to the space – coming out of a home in Chicago, the booth owner I got these from was an 8th grade teacher of mine, the family these lights came from I knew as well. That won’t carry over to the new owners but I really like the idea of keeping reusable elements mixed with new and functional ones. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like keeping a soul in a home.

34th st project

I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a tinted shade of pink on the ceiling in the bathroom, with no natural light in this room and only the vanity lights to offer brightness something like a tinted ceiling can do the trick.

The board and batten portion of the walls will be Decorator White and the small portion of the wall to ceiling to paint will be ??? I’m working on it.

The top of the board/batten will be a shelf all the way around the perimeter of the bathroom for the added storage as well … and there you have it.

Two small spaces in the home with the biggest bang for your buck. I like a little luxe 😉

**The previous owners of the home walked through with me before we started the project to give me their ideas and dreams for the home, it was honestly one of the greatest things. I got to walk through their home with them and they let me in on their hopes for the space. We won’t be able to incorporate all of them but a few key elements I wanted to be sure to adjust to their vision of the space that they lived in for over 20 years raising a family. Stay tuned.

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  1. Jodi Jodi !
    I am so glad I get to read and see your vision because sometimes piece by piece it becomes a little over whelming or let’s hurry this process up.
    Truly a joy working with you and seeing how a little something can enhance the project to an amazing work of art !
    So we keep going.

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