Life in the Wildwood

I’ve been cheating on you with another dreamy house. This one’s in a great neighborhood in Holland with mature trees, close to schools, etc etc. All the good things. You can find the details for this house on Zillow. And if you’d like to search the MLS it’s identifying number is 14008346.

Home on Wildwood

As a side note: I know Zillow is crazy easy and awesome to look at for home searching but it’s not always up to date. Hard as they try, the monster of a multiple listing service is ever changing and hard to manage. Up to date and current information is accurate on the MLS – THIS LINK. But the MLS hasn’t figured out how to allow people to link back to specific listings (like Zillow does so nicely for the purposes of posts such as these.) and well … lets just hold hands and work together.

Here’s what I like about this house:

Location. Square footage. Yard. Possibilities with better layout. It feels good.

This is one of those homes you could buy, do a few key things to (not gut it) and live in it happily or rent it or even flip it (which is what I would do if I were buying it) and from what I’ve seen it would be a good thing for the house, neighborhood, and folks looking for homes.

I’m not an agent, I just work for one. You can ask Terry anything by emailing him, he’d love to show this house to you.

Now, the house:

Life in the Wildwood

When you walk in the front door there’s a partition wall and a coat closet. And a lot of carpet. I would remove the partition wall opening up the view from the front door all the way to the back yard. This house has a great yard and it’s fenced in. Awesome little patio that, from what I can remember, stretches the length of the house. Simply adding some french doors to the outside from the living room would open the space up and bring the outside in.

Life in the Wildwood

Looking back at the front door again, we see the partition and the possibility to open up the entry way.

Life in the Wildwood

And turning just slightly to our right – we see the living room wall in full view.

Life in the Wildwood

The red wall is shared with the kitchen which is on the other side of it. I would (wait for it) take the wall out!

I would rearrange the kitchen layout (more on that soon) to something more along the lines of this:

I’m not sure I would close up the door way to the dining room from the kitchen:

Life in the Wildwood

but you could … because there’s another doorway into the kitchen from an office space with adorable built ins (hello play room/office/den/reading nook/library/homeschool room …)

Home on Wildwood

Imagine this:

And other side, looking in to the kitchen:

Home on Wildwood

But the kitchen, the garage must have been an addition to the house at some point because the window above the sink looks into the garage. Sad face.

Life in the Wildwood

So I would close up the window and move things around – by taking the shared wall down it opens up the kitchen and makes it feel larger. To keep the kitchen space as functional as possible I would add a peninsula where the wall was OR a peninsula where the shared wall with the dining room is.

You could do something creative with your dining space if you removed that wall … it could extend the kitchen into that room and create an eating area.

I see a lot of possibility with removing that one wall.

The bedrooms and bathroom are great sized rooms. Other than adding some closet doors again (there were curtains instead) and taking up the carpet in the whole house – there’s not much else I would do.

Home on Wildwood

There’s another room off the garage that I would make a mudroom (this is where the laundry room is as well) – from the garage you walk into this mud room and then into the office/homeschool room … to the kitchen, dining room and finally into the whole house. Removing that one wall would open up the back spaces as well.

There is a down side to this house: no basement. But it’s still 1,300 square feet and the fenced in yard and the neighborhood … the perks outweigh the no basement in my book. I think this could be a great house for someone starting out or just married or a small family.

I haven’t stopped dreaming about the little cottage and there are two other homes I’ve been scheming up plans for in the works as well. Coming soon … unless you buy them first šŸ˜‰ Which you should.

Just ask Terry.

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