when words fall out

I’ve had a hard time keeping up with my words lately. Not because I don’t have any, I have so many I don’t know where to start. This season of life feels full in a way I’ve never experienced before. Full of opportunity, possibility, vulnerability. Full of freedom yet fully weighted down.

Ollie Farms
No, you're the finished bonus room of the #34stproject. No, you are. No, you. #OMG
It's time for the Third Grade Rocked My Socks Off kick off to summer party! #thisiswhatialwaysimagineditwouldbeliketobeamom
Thai style stir fry bowls with carnita pork thrown in. #inmyface
I love the dance of this chaos. #thankful
Twinkly lights up: summer is actually here. Party soon, you're all invited. For the #studio - thinking about changing the siding to a vertical line and painting it a deep brown/olive with cream trim. New doors (thinking a small custom french door for fron
Cheering on Emma and Sophia at Girls on the Run!
boys in the yard
Fun with friends and neighbors
Fun with friends and neighbors
Memorial Day Parade 2014
Last official #before photo of the #studio #tinyhouse. Tomorrow she gets some jewelry. #corrugatedmetalroofing #newsiding #electrical
I like this chick.
Overwhelmed with my new summer schedule. But this makes me feel better.

For the past few years, especially months, I’ve been stuck in the limbo of before. Before the final product, Before the After photos. Before the walls come down. Before the change is seen.

I’ve been wading in the during, dust, remodeling a life, remodeling homes and a work experience and a feeling of what Belonging means to me. I’ve been in it, I’m doing it. The work is happening, the seeds have been lain.

After has felt like an idea, not a destination. It’s been a carrot in front of me for so long that seeing beyond the string is so entirely new and unfounded for me it’s overwhelming.

Mom-pile! #everyonewins

And I’ve learned it’s more than a destination. It’s just now. Every morning is always the morning after the one before it.

And for me, that’s all I need.


Here’s to more evidence of the afters.

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