Pigeon loft to Tiny house

We’ve visited this shed here before.

outdoor shed: my dream office

This weekend we had some major progress. Thanks to our neighbors we found someone who was willing to help us complete this project in their spare time. It’s a bigger deal than we thought – thank goodness we didn’t try to tackle all of this ourselves. So in the matter of 2 years this shed, formerlly a Pigeon Loft, has become a pretty fantastic Tiny house.

A little light at the end of the tunnel. Ran out of paint. #studio #tinyhouse

And from this
outdoor shed: my dream office

to this.

The porthole window is something I found 11 years ago when we bought our very first house on Perry St on the northside of Holland. It’s one of the only things that has made every move with us and not somehow been sold at a garage sale or on craigslist in the mean time. I think I had it hung in our first house but the rest of the time it’s been in storage or up in a garage waiting for a home.

The french doors I found at an architectural salvage store in Kalamazoo.

We had to retrofit the doors to fit the opening and we have another door for the side to install yet (hoping to make it a dutch door).

When we started the project, we took the entire roof off to add windows around the perimeter of the whole building. New siding and a corrugated metal roof later – the outside is mostly finished. I painted this weekend but ran out of paint – so that’s on my list of things to finish this week.

Let’s talk about the inside – this is where it started.

outdoor shed: my dream office

Pink and poop. And, little did we know, a working honey bee hive. Unfortunately we had the bees removed before we knew what to do with them (or transfer them to a hive for us to keep) and then Aaron spent a weekend gutting the interior. This pigeon loft had become the home to many little creatures.

And the interior of the building now is just a blank slate. I’m getting so excited to see it come together.

#studio #tinyhouse

From the inside #studio #tinyhouse

So here’s what I’m thinking – for the wall that you look at when you open the french doors – what about the entire wall in this tile?

The remaining three walls in a plywood – clean, simple, raw – like this:

We’re keeping the floor cement and have the chandelier for the interior …

Chandelier for #studio - was going to paint but glad I waited. Love the original look of it. #tinyhouse

For the exterior lights – we’ll either have one or three and are trying to decide between this one or this one.


We’ll keep you updated on the progress and plans for this space and how we hope to unleash it and share it.

Twinkly lights included šŸ˜‰

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