What happens after Spain? Happy Anniversary, Aaron.

Today we’re celebrating our 11th year of marriage – on our tenth Aaron surprised me with a dream-come-true 2 week trip to Spain.

this guy

So what happens after Spain?

Laundry, mostly. And then every day life. I’ve thought a lot about this upcoming marker on our time together and I’ve been working it out in my head as to how I want to remember the last year.

We're doing a tandem.  Go ahead and interpret that at your will.

There’s just so much to tell you. Marriage is hard work, everything they say is true. It takes courage and commitment and oftentimes – those are two things I lack the most. But being married to Aaron is a little like my own redeeming love story.


Life happened and I woke up when I realized that auto-pilot was the killer of all marriages. What happens after Spain is like asking what happens after you say I do?

All the same things that happened before it, just with someone else in mind, forever.

Aaron and I
Aaron and I

And there’s no such thing as auto-pilot.

The last year has been one of the sweetest for us. My favorite part about being married is who I’m married to. I love being in a relationship, always have been, but I’m so thankful for the man who stands beside me.

Windmills! Spain

Aaron makes me laugh every day. He’s the only person who can walk into a room, say Hello, and catch my all my tears – especially the tears I had no idea I was holding just for him. He doesn’t love to cuddle but he willingly holds me every time I ask. He even learned to ask me, too.

He sings to me and dances with me in the kitchen – both rare, both immeasurably treasured. He understands my poetry and loves to listen to music and stories with me. Aaron’s the best father to our kids. Parenting is a touchy subject for me, and Aaron parents with his heart. I’m lucky, yes, but Jessica and Oliver are the luckiest.

Day 2: Pearl Street Mall
Aaron and Jessica
Oliver, walking, with help (ack!!)

Aaron knows me.

Even when I’m surprised I can’t keep secrets – he sees the darkest parts of me and still takes my hand.

Spain, fantasy weddings, posed photos, houses and vacations and memories and stuff and things and perception: none of it makes 11 years.

Aaron and Jodi made it 11 years. I’m honored by the name I’ve taken. Lord willing, we make it 40 more.


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