trigger happy

I’ve believed that if it’s easy, it’s not worth it. If it doesn’t take hard work: no one will accept that you’re really an artist, writer, dreamer, doer, photographer, life-liver.

If you wake up in the morning with an idea and can finish it within the first hour of your day, you’re not working. It’s not credible. That’s a hobby. That’s an “exercise” for the real thing – it’s not what you put on the shelf, it’s what you line the birdcage with until the real stuff starts streaming.

So when does the real stuff start streaming? Do you have to walk away every time you push your brush to paper? Does it make sense 6 months later when you had to abandon the work because it wasn’t “working” enough?

If what I do is easy and what someone else does, in the same arena, looks harder … I’m not doing it right, right?

If what I do feels as comfortable as breathing and what someone else does looks labored and sweaty … I’m not doing it right, right?

If I’m not a runner unless I run a marathon then what is all this jogging for?

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