I found hand-lettering after years of wondering how to make something with the watercolor feel, but held like a marker. I don’t know why I never just ventured to that part of the store and looked around, maybe I didn’t think I was qualified to meander but it’s been a lot of fun learning. I had to go looking for one of the words I had already done and there’s a box full of scraps, letters, little phrases … like periwinkle shoes you forgot you had. It’s just delightful fun, finally figuring this out and exploring it.

I have a vagabond heart. #watercolorlettering #handlettering #brushlettering #sumiink

Let go, Let's go.                                                 #handlettering #brushlettering #sumiink #watercolorlettering

that was a bear

Make your own magic

nothing else matters

This all began when I started on a painting for Oliver’s room – I have this phrase I say to him every night I tuck him in … “I love your brave heart, your kind hands, and you’re beautiful mind.” and I wanted to have that written on the painting but couldnotforthelifeofme figure out how to make it look like it did in my head. So I started exploring a few things … I still don’t have that phrase mastered but I’ve found something I love in the meanwhile.

Who’s still pinteresting out there? What are you finding you love lately?

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