Own your words

Own your words

I’ve been loving the Being Boss podcast lately. Listening intently each week as a new episode airs and replaying past episodes multiple times.

It’s reminded me of a few things; “Owning your words” being one of them. I was in middle school when I first heard this principal. My family and I traveled to Utah and it was in a conference room where I first heard a wise man say to me: Jodi, you have to own your words.

Like most teenagers, I threw around phrases like poprocks in my mouth. Just to see what they felt like; little explosions and short lived sensations. I fished for compliments and tried to gage my importance from what everyone else had to say about me.

I was arguing intently trying to convince everyone of my truth and wanting them instead to tell me what I really meant.

In the Redefining Professional episode, Kathleen and Emily talk about letting the excuses go. How important your word is when you’re a creative entrepreneur. It resonated with me.

I’ve been more worried about the image than the legacy.

It’s as simple as: if you say it, you have to believe it first.

So when you’re in a group of peers and you start talking about your current insecurity (weight, complexion, parenting stye, work ethic, even that dream starting to realize, etc.) if you don’t want them to agree with you, do not say it out loud. It sounds kind of harsh but it’s been a good gage of where I put my priorities in terms of worth, confidence, ability and self care. (keep scrolling, there’s more)

I'm upset.

This topic has me really upset because it’s so important, I feel. As a community, I want to foster authentic relationships above the run-of-the-mill shallow conversations that are a mile wide but only an inch deep. I want to believe in you and vise versa because I believe, instead, that we’re all miles deep and afraid to let anyone else wade in our waters with us.

If you jump from compliment to compliment to fuel your business success, you will fail miserably. We don’t get paid in compliments. I’ve gotten everything I could have possibly wanted out of this website years ago. What started as an online journal as a 16 year old has turned into a great archive of lessons, memories, opportunities, and my journey. Something I’m so glad to have for my own children to read someday.

To have this kind of unedited version of our lives available to them. For my daughter as she leaps into the world – to see where she came from. And even if I’m gone, that she might be able to still find me.

It’s risky business to believe in yourself. It’s so much easier to ask someone else to carry that vulnerability for you. I’m much more comfortable staying inside the box that your perceptions put me in. But it’s not the danger lurking OUTSIDE of the box that scares me:

It’s the stagnant, predictability of staying in the cage that bothers me more.

Let’s shake things up. Let’s get ridiculous and live this messy life wild.

Belle Isle, Detroit 2014

Below are some great resources I’ve used or I am currently using. For those of you wanting to dig in a bit more to owning your own words, I’ve found some helpful tools that have assisted me in learning how to do just that. (No affiliates, just sharing what I’ve learned or found on my own)

Power Sheets, Lara Casey
Erica Midkiff, Sign up for her newsletter and you’ll receive a 23 Consuming Mindfully download free.
Braid Creative, they have a newsletter for Creatives. Nuggets of gold.
Being Boss, podcast mentioned in the post.
Maggie Whitley, a great collection of blog posts on how she made her handmade business successful.
Kelly Rae Roberts, Flying Lessons e-course

I’ll continue to give my gifts of knowledge to you in the coming weeks and I’d be honored to hear yours as well. Leave them in the comments or feel free to message me or post them on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Own your words

  1. Jodi,

    Thank you so much for sharing my work! I listen faithfully to the Being Boss podcast each week as well.

    I love your description of phrases as Pop Rocks, exploding in your mouth. We all experiment, and it’s funny how some things we say have such POWER, or feel so right or wrong.

    And this: “I believe, instead, that we’re all miles deep and afraid to let anyone else wade in our waters with us.” Wow. Beautifully said, and so true for me right now. That helped me put words to something I’ve been feeling, which I’m so grateful for.

    Thank you again, and I hope you’re having a beautiful Monday!

  2. Erica,

    Thank you so much for your kinds words and encouragement! Makes my Monday morning that much more delightful 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed your Consume Mindfully. Thank you for offering your work, it’s valuable and it matters and you have a beautiful voice.


  3. You’re so welcome, Jodi!

    And I’m thrilled to hear you enjoyed Consume Mindfully. I’m sure you know how it is–you pour your heart into something, giving it love and care and attention, and then you have to send it out into the world to speak for itself. You can’t stand beside it, apologizing for it if it makes a mistake or explaining if it’s misunderstood. You just do your best and then you put it out there, and that’s hard! So hearing that it made a difference to you makes the whole thing worth it.

    Thanks for your kind words, and I hope you have a beautiful day!

    xoxo Erica

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