No talking.

I can’t get the words out. The ones I’m feeling about “accountability” or the ones I’m working through about “community”.

I can’t get the words out. The ones I’m hearing about “future or next” and the ones I’m struggling with about “trust”.

All balled up inside are these tangled nets of words sitting like a rock in my throat waiting for their eviction notice.

I can’t get them out.

The Farmhouse Deli // Oz is Event March 8 2015

Wading through the feedback and comments from our first event to running ahead to what’s next and planning, but waiting, but dreaming, but hiding; to being forced into the present, daily. With swim lessons, school, classes, health, relationships, decisions and responsibility.

Wanting the freedom to let go, LETS GO – and feeling the tug on my shirt from current circumstance.

Where will the scales tip?

And am I ready to catch what falls?

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