A love story

I tell ya what, life is something else.

A few quick notes to wrap up the last post on raising a daughter and how hard it’s been to navigate those social waters without constantly looking in my rear-view mirror of emotional childhood. I reference my parent’s divorce, which honestly is the best thing that ever happened to our family. I can’t begin to imagine who I would have been had that not happened. Of course there was grief for that specific circumstance, the death of a family, as I knew it … but what came after was a saving grace. I don’t take issue with the divorce, it just happened to be the starting point of all the other lies coming to light and the aftermath of trying to wade through what I would carry moving forward. And I choose not to carry my generational circumstance and that’s what I keep coming face to face with.

I was able to have some honest conversations in the wake of the last post and bring to light some of my own struggle with the mirroring effect through my kids’ childhoods. This stuff just isn’t easy. They get older and their emotions start to form opinions and ideas and it’s beautifully messy, stepping out of the way so they can move faster than we did. Getting out of the way so they can shine, making sure we’re not casting a shadow so big that they’ll never see the sun on their faces.

So it’s been a wild ride lately. Day by day, each one different than the last. Each one with it’s own triumphs and struggles.

A couple weekends ago we went to a family owned dutch-theme park here in Holland. The kids go nuts for this place, they love it. And I know why – it’s like being transported to another world smack dab in the middle of your normal and there are RIDES! and ANIMALS! and MUSIC! and did I mention the RIDES!?!?

We made a day of it and on one of the rides we were behind the kids as they sat in swings in-front of us and all of a sudden – they just started flying together.

They just started flying together. #siblinglovestory

Just like that.

And it was the most beautiful sight to watch unfold, it was cold and even colder on that swing up in the air; but with the wind lapping their faces – mouths wide open in wonder – they spread their arms in complete freedom and just giggled, and giggled, and giggled.

When she laughs, it explodes into the air around her. She is so beautiful to me. #siblinglovestory (And he adores her, too.)

Together, they’re my favorite love story.

And I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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