I’m willing to grow up.

I get really sad sometimes. Sad about the way things turned out or the way my plans are foiled by reality and their underbelly of expectations. I can get wound up, tight, in the vortex of back-sliding and it’ll take months to recover my sense of sight.

And then I look through old photos, or current ones, and I see things like this:



Last night.

Oliver picked me a Mothers Day Bouquet. 😍 Then blew me a kiss. I'll take 8 of him, thank you.

Birthday treats! Gosh, I love this stuff.

Pure Michigan. I get to live here. #nofilter #lakemichigan #saugatuck

Just what the doctor ordered. #relax #goodreads #bigdreams #simplelife

Not cilantro. #seedlings #garden2015 #notsnow #nasturtium Reaching for the sun! They make me giddy.

Early morning walk in the clouds.

When she laughs, it explodes into the air around her. She is so beautiful to me. #siblinglovestory (And he adores her, too.)

From my garden, first birthday bouquet of the year. #allthefeels

You're flirting with me, Lilacs. 😉

There's a bee on that tree cookie: it walked onto Aaron's hand. Those dimples are kind of ridiculous. #beeboy #urbanbees #beekeeping #OllieFarms

Oh, Oliver. You are the purest soul.

And it’s all I need to still the inner storm. To cut off the need to feed the demon of yesterday. It reminds me that here and now, today is enough.

That I already have everything I need.

And I’m satisfied and free.

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