She comes to collet but never gets paid.

I’m real interested in your bondage and the story you keep telling yourself that ties your heart to the concrete floor like the captive that it isn’t.

You can have my story, she’s free. And I won’t monetize yours or tell it without your consent.

You’re the boss of your freedom. But it matters to me.

What would it look like if we were less afraid of ourselves, if we trusted her, if we kept her safe. Oh my God, if we kept her safe. 

Here’s the truth for you: you, and she, is safe in your freedom. Without the chains on your limbs it feels risky to walk, after being told by your past and your bondage how to move – each step measured in restitution to … who? Who were you paying back with your pain?

No one.

That’s the lie. Your debt is already paid, so this toil you subscribe to is fraught. She comes to collect but never gets paid.

Let go


Let’s go.

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