I wanna get messy

This post is part of a series called 100 Days of Poetry.

I wanna get messy

Throw down, shirts off, heat and sweat. I
wanna scream and swear and I want tears
of blood dripping down my chin.

I hate you I hate you I hate you 
I hate me for wanting loving leaving you

I wanna get messy 

One more time, I wanna feel everything
and nothing at all. Blur the edges together,
sew the seams apart. I wanna tear it open
and watch it burn.

2 thoughts on “I wanna get messy

  1. “I wanna tear it open”…it IS rending asunder!
    “and watch it burn”…the years-long smoldering ember HAS been ignited!

    Pull up a chair and be mesmerized by the blaze.


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