right this way

This post is part of a series called 100 Days of Poetry.

I’m cheeseburger and
fries hungry.

Cold leftovers hungry.

I’m ‘buy me a donut’ hungry
and ‘eat something salty’ hungry.

I’m fresh bread and
avocado hungry.

Meat sandwich, pepperoni
pizza, gallon of ice cream,
bottle of wine hungry.

I want to eat.

I’m orgasm hungry
and sad silence hungry.
I’m left-out hungry
and why won’t he
notice me hungry.

I’m too scared to ask
hungry and I think
I love you hungry.

I’m abandoned and hungry.
I’m dancing after midnight

Hug me hungry and
look at me famished.

Sing that song starving
and pregnant-craving

So you fed me and I was satisfied.

One thought on “right this way

  1. I understand all these hungers and more….
    lonely hunger
    grieving hunger
    empty hunger
    frightened hunger
    tired hunger

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