This post is part of a series called 100 Days of Poetry.

Today is the kind of quiet that comforts you.

I want to sit in wide open spaces with people all around me and music in my ears. Large windows, hot drinks, books and pages turning. Story telling, people watching.

But instead I’ll sit in a darkened corner of my house drinking tan coffee with a sea of brown paper sacks at my feet and baskets exploding with mis-matched socks and limp tshirt arms, just waiting for a heart beat.

On the coffee table are our prettiest crayons. The ones that haven’t been broken or disembodied. The ones we keep in a separate container, like it will help keep them that way. There’s 4 different colors of red and a beautiful yellow. Green, pink, purple. White paper.

And my favorite thing about this scene is the silence.

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