If it was me and you

This post is part of a series called 100 Days of Poetry.

Your love makes me want to write.

In another life: we make more mistakes,
but less that hurt forever.
We have 9 kids and name them after
poets or people or memories.

I want a daughter named Penny.
Another named Piper.
Lets name a boy Royal
and his brother; Jack.

I want a Ruthie, Robin, and Jade.
Give me an Otto, I’ll love a Wade.

Truth is I’d love a snail
if it was me and you.
Your eyes, my nose.
Your hair, my toes.

Lets make a baby,
even if we have to dream it up.
Let’s shop for cribs
and blankets
and watch the non-existent bump.


Let’s just make more love.

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