My name is Jodi, I’m the voice behind this space, and I think words are beautiful. Jodimichelle started as an add-on to my husbands blog about 16 years ago (early 2004) as a space to keep our families up to date with our exciting new addition: a baby! It’s morphed many times since then, but the subject matter has stayed the same: I tell stories. About motherhood, cooking, life and parenting, marriage, being entrepreneurs, travel and real estate, and even sometimes poetry. I once said “I wear make-up in real life, but I’m naked on paper” and that rings true to this day.

Outside of this hobby of writing, I am a part time photographer and a full time mom; focusing on my family is my first priority. When I’m wearing the Photographer Hat, I’m working with companies to procure a library of images for their marketing needs; product shots, food photography, people in the workplace.

Since our first addition, and the reason for this space, we’ve added another little human to the mix (2005 and 2008, respectively). We are totally in love with, and fools for, our kids. We’re also recent bee-keepers, are trying to raise hens for eggs in the city and started a business together for rental properties. We like a project, what can I say?

My favorite human condition is relationship and I’m a romantic at heart.
I’m so happy you’re here.


Camping: Fayette and Wilderness State ParkkUpper Macatawa Trails: Frog catching
Lake Michigan

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