My name is Jodi, I’m the voice behind this space, and I think words are beautiful. Jodimichelle started as an add-on to my husbands blog in early 2004 as a space to keep our families up to date with our exciting new addition: a baby. It’s morphed many times since then, but the subject matter has stayed the same: I tell stories. 

We are property managers and real estate dabblers. We believe in possibilities and think your idea’s are amazing. We love being the Hype Team for our friends, new and old.

I’m forever believing there is so much good in the world, still. I’m never not looking for her.

We are totally in love with, and fools for, our kids; who are now both teenagers. We are deep in the launch phase of parenting, getting ready to send our oldest off to college fall of 2023. 

My favorite human condition is relationship and I’m a romantic at heart. I’m so happy you’re here.


Camping: Fayette and Wilderness State ParkkUpper Macatawa Trails: Frog catching
Lake Michigan

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