Heres the kicker …

As I type, my abdomen is being kicked, as is this laptop sitting on my abdomen. I’ve been able to feel this wonderful little thing for about a week and a half already, but it’s getting continually stronger.

It started out as just some fluttering as they would say. Sometimes it felt like someone was flicking me from the inside – it was awesome. Now it’s a good old (light albeit) tap on the ol’ innards.

Everytime I feel the stirring start I quick grab Aaron’s hand and jab it to the general area. He’s usually mortified that the jabbing is even taking place, and when I say Push harder – it’s ok … his face scrunches up and he looks at me like I’m mostly crazy but whatever.

For those of you who think pushing on a pregnant abdomen is somehow wrong or abusive, let me just say – first – are you female? Have you been pregnant, read the books, or talked to a doctor? Second I’ll point out that this baby is more carefully protected and isolated from the outside world, or pressure from a palm than Mike Meyers in the Fat Bastard suit.

Aaron hasn’t really felt the baby yet, and probably won’t be able to for a few weeks or even months yet … but it’s worth a try, crazier things have happened.

I can’t wait for the night that we forgo the movie rental and spend the ENTIRE evening watching my belly move or rather the baby moving my belly.

Cross your fingers

As some of you might know, either by word of mouth, internet or THEPARAGON.ORG – our house is for sale. For a few reasons, the biggest being THE BELLY. (da da da duh!!!) We have a 2 bedroom house and Aaron works out of one of them, this baby was going to sleep in the bathtub until recently.

World, we might have sold our house. Knock on wood, cross your fingers and poke a needle in your eye. Let’s hope so. You see because it’s getting to the point that moving sounds fun and everything, but I’m very tired, and not much help as it is, sorry Aaron. We all know I’m only going to get bigger from now on and moving in 2 months is going to be a WHOLE ‘nother story people. The swelling, the jabbing in the ribs, the not bending or being able to see my feet – picture me carrying boxes down stairs, or up them for that matter.

And since fainting seems to be my only pregnancy issue thus far, I don’t think we need me carrying any sort(s) of objects.

Not to mention the nesting. I want so badly to go in every store and buy! buy! buy!. I know this is partly just impulse, I am a woman for goodness sake … but we’re having a baby in a few months and I have NOTHING. Well, except for those few things. But the big stuff, and a nursery … we don’t have a nursery … and I want a nursery like a child at the fair who can’t reach the cotton candy counter yet and has to jump to be seen … I’m totally jumping for a nursery.

I’ve been getting magazines with room ideas for kids, and I think I have a few solid ideas for themes … but I feel like if I mention them the general public will decide for me and start accessorizing – kinda like when you have a little something in your kitchen and your mother or sister happens to notice the chickens or the apples and then for the next ten years on your birthday all you get is chickens or apples. Which are totally useful since you’ve moved twice and are now onto herbs and cottage chic … but whatever.


kael with ball

Meet my one and only nephew, Kael. This little man is some of my inspiration for wanting a baby. I had the privilege of watching Kael and his big sister, my niece, Miah, for a few days when my brother and sister-in-law were on a cruise.

Let me just tell you how much I fell in love with this kid in those few short days.

I guess it was something I have never really felt before, being loved and depended on by such a freely giving person. I babysat for years and have other nieces, but I guess I hadn’t gotten this close to any of them before.

I suffered some major separation anxiety when I went back to work after taking care of him. I’m just so excited to have that with my own.

Kael, of course, isn’t the soul inspiration for getting pregnant. As the math would work out, I was already pregnant while taking care of him and Miah, but it doesn’t hurt to have a small taste of what’s to come to get you wanting more.

The Shelf

Jodi's Stomach at almost 4 months

As Tom Hanks in CASTAWAY when he finally makes fire and with the gut filled conviction announces it to the world around him – allow me to introduce THE SHELF with the same conviction.

I have produced this awesome, now kicking, living thing and it works as more than a pee reflex or uncomfortable sleeping position giver, it now works as a SHELF.

The wonders of this shelf are endless, the laptop which used to slide all over my legs and belly in bed, now sits up right in position as commanded.

The bowl of grapes or any other fruit I’m craving now has a home within 18 inches of my hungry mouth.

And that pillow Aaron likes to use when laying next to me, yea, is now the shelf.

You could go to Far and Away and see more wonders that might help your daily life.


So I can’t boy cot this forever, and since it was only a dramatic climax to get people to comment … I’ll regress and continue to post – but not now. Now I have a date with that one guy who did that one thing once … he likes the internet and it mostly addicted to it – oh right, my husband. The cute one.