Midday Etsy {purses}

I’m on the hunt for a new handbag and I’ve actually popped into a few brick and mortar stores recently to look. Nothing hit my fancy.

So I turned to etsy – and etsy always hits my fancy.

Specifically Ikabags. Gorgeous, no?

This turquoise/pink Paris shoulder bag is among my favorites.

Although this white and yellow stripped one offers the “favorite” award some great competition. (Priced more along my liking as well)

It comes in red, too!

Or this yellow with a bike {swoon}

But this green and white shoulder bag takes the cake for me. Price, check. Style, check. Shoulder bag, check. Not a diaper looking thing, (well, an improvement) check. Storage, pockets and loveliness? Oh yes, check.

I didn’t look too much further after finding this etsy shop, do you have any favorites I should check out?

Midnight Etsy: Splurge

I used to write about, shop and link to all kinds of Etsy shops and merchandise. And then I figured out that the Internet has Awesome all over the place. So I stopped linking to Etsy because I could find similar items, for free, or tutorials on how I could go about making and creating it myself.

Now. There are some people who are creators and can make things with their hands and from their imagination and they should be praised. Some of these people sell their items as their job. I love these people, we should support them.

Without further ado –

Feathers So beautiful. I would splurge on this art print in a heart beat. I just need a place to hang it, though. šŸ™‚

Sparkle this print makes me stop and think, makes me want to know what the out of focus elements mean to the person taking the photo. I feel invited into this picture to be warm, too. To be calm. I love it when a photo does that to me.

Scarf I don’t knit, but I wish I did. Until then, this scarf will keep me warm.

Necklace something about birds – and this one in a shade of blue. Splurge!! Buy it. No, really. You want this, too.

Eyeglasses case I’m pretty sure I would wear my glasses more and remember where I put them if I held them safe in this case.

Vinyl decals have been over done, no? I mean, who doesn’t have a word on their wall or that one huge tree? I love them, really. It’s personality and fun but it’s really over done. I like originality. Kinda like this guy. Just sayin.

Mustaches there is so much obvious going on this one that it’s hard for me to type. Need. Want. Must have. OHMYWORDOHMYWORDOHMYWORD!

Cake stand with flowers I’m starting to have a healthy addiction to ceramics. (Aaron would argue that it is not healthy, but we won’t listen to him) I generally live on the very simple side of things when it comes to ceramics and plates and such. I’m a bit of a minimalist and I have no idea how I got that way. But I love me a good platter that doesn’t make any sense and a cake stand that sits on my counter because it’s cheerful.

Bird again with the ceramics. I think it would be fair to blame this one my other addiction: Reading Young House Love.

Involving wine

You know I need to blog when I start writing stories in my Facebook status. Shall we, then?


The air just got popped out of my balloon. I hate when that happens.

So, less of me talking and more of me showing you cool stuff.

Faux Ostrich Ice Bucket

Martini Shaker Ours.

Martini Shaker Recipes.

Number glasses so you don’t have to keep track.

Shaken, not stirred Simple.

Yellow Ice Bucket For Molly.

Gingham decanter/glasses in case the picnic booze-fest ends up in your living room.

Parquet Tray Multi-functional awesomeness here. Decorative? Check. Something to set your soakers on? Check. Double Duty.

Holy Moly {and winner}

I’ve been hoping I could find the inspiration to do a garden tea party. I thought I had something like this on my life list, but alas, I’ve just been dreaming about this in my head. But then I found this site and Holy Moly.


Alice in Wonderland party via Hostess with the mostess


Gorgeous, no? So many beautiful ideas.

See also this Alice In Wonderland party:


Complete with downloadable party planner. Awesome.

Let’s just round this out with some great ideas for food and decoration for the outdoor tea party:


Edible Centerpiece from Hostess with the mostess again, she’s got it going on.

And then there’s this fabric banner you can make from V and Co.

2010 02 21_2908_edited-1

Now without further ado the winner of the Etsy print giveaway goes to:

Etsy giveaway winner

Etsy giveaway winner

Congratulations Donielle! Look for an email from me shortly!

I want to say a huge thank you to Red Bird Ink for sponsoring this giveaway in conjunction with the cooking demo. I had a blast and am so thankful for the friends and opportunities this site has brought to my life. And Letterpress. Can’t forget to thank the Letterpress.


Cooking Demo round up {Giveaway!}

The Cooking Demo yesterday was a ton of fun!

Cooking Demo!

I came home exhausted and completely full of good food but even better – full of good life. Good conversations, good friends, good experiences.

I was a little worried about doing something like this at first – once everyone was there they kind of just sat there looking at me waiting for me to start. Which is when I said – uh … please don’t stop talking. I have no idea what I’m doing!

Cooking Demo!

But I think it went good. We kept the conversation going, I hope I said something that made sense during the whole time. It was so very nice that I knew most of ladies in attendance ahead of time. Made me WAY more at ease about acting like I have anything important to say.

I wasn’t sure if I should narrate everything I was doing ala Rachel Ray on TV or if I should just whip stuff out and answer questions as we went along. I didn’t know if I should focus on what I think about being in the kitchen (Keeping things simple, use substitutions, get creative!) or if I should focus on what the ladies knew and felt and go from there.

Cooking Demo!

All in all, it was a fun time. I would totally do it again. In fact, I’m already planning the next one. I think instead of going through a whole meal I’ll pick something (like fish or desserts – but not together!!) and focus on that.

I felt like most of the attendee’s were really interested in the fish yesterday, what I did with it, how I did it and how I went about cooking it. Which didn’t even cross my mind when I was planning it – thinking that I should focus more on one thing than another.

Cooking Demo!

Cooking Demo!

I also didn’t man the camera very much and many thanks go to Rebekah for taking some photos along the way. I’ll have to be better about getting in there and taking some photos next time.

And like I said yesterday we had some pretty awesome sponsors to help it go that extra mile:


Kitchen Stories offered me a wonderful discount so I could send my attendee’s home with a little something-something. I just love her quote right off the bat – “I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.” – Mae West I mean, how can you not want to hang out with this wonderful lady?

I didn’t have the budget to gift an apron to each of my guests … but you have to see these. The Pretty Ditty etsy shop is to die for.


Those aprons would have come in handy while I was mixing up the guts to the cake …

Cooking Demo!

Which we devoured.

Cooking Demo!

Cooking Demo!

Like I said, though, it was fantastic. I felt comfortable (once I got over myself) and I can’t wait for the next one. I think I’ll wear a wig though … then I can pretend I’m PW or something and maybe I’ll feel more comfortable being all “And then you add some salt, just a pinch.” Weird. Weird weird weird.

Let’s meet the attendee’s:

Donielle came along with one of her Peanuts. Isn’t she adorable? I got to hold her for about 45 seconds while Donielle strapped on her trusty carrier for her Peanut to rest in while she demonstrated Kefir to the group (and let us try it!) and my uterus started screaming at me.

Cooking Demo!

Cooking Demo!
You can see why, no?

Rebekah came after spending the morning antiqueing with Michelle (another attendee) in Saugatuck. SO FUN!

Cooking Demo!

And here’s Michelle – Hi Michelle! Love your name šŸ˜‰

Cooking Demo!

I was going to have all the recipes written out for each girl and wrapped all nice but then I had a sick husband, remembered that I have 2 kids and had a broken car in one week … so … you know. They had to transfer them over to a recipe card themselves, but I think they forgive me.

I didn’t capture a great photo of Candace, but you can see her here:

Cooking Demo!

Candace and I go way back. I’ll just leave it at that. She’s a texture girl, just like me, as far as food goes. She wasn’t too hip on the Salmon but that’s ok – she tried it! They all did, which was the best part for me.

Sitting down with everyone after making all the food and just getting to know each other. That’s what this is all about for me. You. All of you.

While we were all standing in the kitchen Donielle demonstrated Kefir to us …

Cooking Demo!

It was so interesting and I took some home to try out on my kids … they both LOVED it. It’s like fizzy juice, or pop … which is exactly what Jessica called it once she tried it. I was starting to look at doing this so now I’m glad I know what it’s supposed to look/taste like and I think I’ll go ahead and give it a try.

What a day! But it’s not over.

Red Bird Ink etsy shop wants to give you a chance to win a letterpress print from their shop in the name of cooking. Amen.


They’re offering up one of their Cow Parts No3 Prints to one of my lucky readers!!

cow parts

cow parts_2

To Enter:

Click through to their shop and leave a comment back on this post telling me your favorite print, stationary or coaster they have listed.

That’s it! Please give them some love, I have an addiction to letterpress and I LOVE their shop.

***Contest ends Tuesday evening 10 pm EST March 2, 2010, winner to be announced Wednesday March 3, 2010***