Small adendum to the previous post about a giveaway over on facebook.


In the madness that is cleaning out closets I lost the prints I was going to give away at first, ugh! So I’m moving on to another print I found that we’ve never hung. We’re terrible at this.

The print is unframed and measures 16″ X 23″ … go friend yourself to enter for your chance to win!

We bought this print from sfgirlbybay etsy shop owner. Love her stuff!

Come to my gingerbread candy house!

The sun is shinning and I don’t feel like a car wreck with road rash. SO! I’ve been cleaning the house and teaching Jessica how to dry dishes (and, um, yes … there will be a post about this later, but she LOVES it, helping. It’s like a lightbulb just went on in my head. Feel free to criticize.) and cleaning out closets.

I’ve found many a things I’ve boughten over the years that I never ended up using or hanging so I’m just going to give them away. First up is some art I bought from millymollymandy’s etsy shop (which is now Belle & Boo) for Jessica’s bedroom … um like 2 years ago. Yeah, I still LOVE it but we’re just not going to hang it ever and I’m sure one of you would love to have it.

Picture 1

However, I’m giving it away on the facebook page so for a chance to win it (and those chances are pretty awesome right now) you need to friend yourself. DELURK!

This is all very selfish because I want to see your face and if emptying my closets with giveaways is going to bring you out – then I will.

Cue: Cackling laughter. (or is it Que?)

Midday Etsy: Couldn’t live without it

Searching through etsy today I’m finding things that I could probably live without … but should I?

Echino Fabric Storage Basket
Book file, birch trees
Chandelier Oh yes, I do love this. Actually went to a local restore last week looking for something like this that I could repaint and replace for a couple of the bedrooms in the house. Oh the ideas!
Oh you bet we need another chair
Tea Dress
Allison Wonderland I don’t know why I like this or want it – but it makes me feel all Light and Special inside. That’s reason enough for me.
Wall decal Ok, this settles it, we’re dry walling that stupid basement. I think.
Marshmallow sampler There are so many reason why I can live without this but only one why I can’t. OH MY WORD, IT’S A MARSHMALLOW SAMPLER. Obvious. (Pancreas, kindly take a walk)

Christmas lists

It’s begun! The quest for the gifts.

I’ve put together a little something for the husbands of the world … please do yourselves a favor and just listen. Jewelry.

Thank you.

Pearl Bloom
Pocket watch movement pendant
Gold Leaf
Sweet Bird
Perfect circle
Bow tie
Raspberry leaf

I had ‘my color’s’ done this past Mothers Day and found out that gold is actually better suited to my coloring that is silver, which is all I own. So ever since then I’ve been looking for gold necklaces or bracelets that would go with this or that … and I’m not a huge jewelry wearer … normally it’s my wedding ring and that’s all you get, but I like the occasional necklace. On Aaron and I’s second anniversary I bought him a mattress and he took me to a jeweler and said – you have this much to spend … what would you like?

OH MY GOSH. I already knew he was it, but this kind of confirmed it. I mean, really? DREAMY, much?!?!?!!!!???!

(That was the 2nd anniversary of dating, by the way. We dated for 3 years before the “I Do’s” were said … and the mattress??? He was sleeping on the floor and we knew where “we” were headed, so the mattress was a purchase of necessity.)

Moving on.

What are some of the Christmas buys you’re hoping to see under your tree this year? I’m also pining away for some more new plates or these wonderful ideas but mostly some kind of hand written or hand made gift from my kids.

I used to hate when my mom said all she wanted for Christmas was us to love her, but I get it now. If all I had under the tree was a handmade ornament from Jessica and Oliver – that would be more valuable than diamonds or gold, in my book.

Midday Etsy: Shoes

Starting to look for shoes for the baby. Since he’s taken his first steps (woo hoo!) and it’s getting warmer outside – I figure he might need his first pair of clog hoppers or something.
But of course while looking for shoes for him, I found some for me if I didn’t have mutant feet.
What’s that I hear? Are you giggling and scrunching your nose at me? Uh huh. Mutant feet. Size 4 people. I can still wear little girl shoes. Also, a rather abnormally high instep and seriously wide foot. Although pregnancy has been my friend when it comes to my feet – I can now stretch that size to a 7 if needed. Which opened up my shoe world in a way I’ve never known. I can now officially have a shoe fetish and have more than flip flops in my closet.
Not that I have a shoe fetish. I think.
Mohop sandals yes please.
Lets Go Sailing
It’s a plane
Pattern for rain boots this is a pattern, but I still want it. I want to sleep with these little shoes. On my hands.
More boots another pattern, more boy friendly, I think. I’d like to wear these too.
Retro stripe
Soft sole leather baby shoes
I’ve tried to buy a few pairs of shoes for Oliver already – but have failed miserably. It seems that he has my feet and therefore nothing fits him with a strap. Velcro is not our friend. We need stretchy little things for his feet. His wobble toes. Hence the fabric and cloth and leather shoes. Shoe laces seem to work because the tongue of shoes with laces tends to be farther back but laces on a baby – really? That’s just ridiculous. I have enough to do already, not tie the baby’s shoes every 10 minutes.
Any other ideas??