Morning Etsy: Teal

My yard is blanketed in snow again this morning. My vitamin D reserves are suffering and I need the green of the grass and the first flower shoots to come soon, or I might hop a plane to California and never look back.
Who’s with me?
Before we jump – lets basque in the beauty of etsy and all things teal. Mmmm.
Locket necklace
Bimi earrings
Bird on a wire
Just delighted
Keep Calm and Carry On
Pearl and wire ring
Perennial Moment
Opaque green earrings
Set Me Free Necklace
Edythe Ring

Midday Etsy: Bangles

Feeling the need to up the wardrobe a bit, maybe because spring is around the corner? Or because I live in pajama’s and um, need to stop.
2ReVert I kept on selecting individual listings from a long list of bangles from this shop – so I decided to just link directly to the shop – this stuff is amazing. All made of recycled skateboards and such. LOVE these.
Cherry Wood Bangle
Set of three
Twig and Leaf
Fork Bangle
Goin’ Batty
These are generally a very cheap way to really spruce up an outfit without having to buy a new piece of clothing. I kinda feel like you don’t really have to matchy matchy everything either. Mix it up, get funky. Get original.
What are some of the things you’re doing to give your look or wardrobe a new breath of life for the coming season without spending your entire budget on one shirt?

Calling all Esty shops!

Do you have etsy shop that I don’t know about yet? Leave a comment with your shop site and I’ll put together a little somethin somethin of a feature about all the etsy shop’s who read my site.
Because I love you. And I want to support you.
If you do not have a shop and I’ve tried to push you in that direction … GET ON IT! (Amanda, Jill, Jen ??? Looking at you girls here.) Um, I think you’re all amazing and how wonderful it is that you can all create such diverse and beautiful things.
Go you!
Here’s a little inspiration (or not, but here’s a link any way) it’s my shop. Woo hoo!
Jodimichelle’s ETSY shop




Midday Etsy: Printable Valentines

Valentines is coming! Actually, I don’t know why that’s such a proclamation. I don’t really care – but I love looking for the little Valentines kids give out at school or where ever. So here, I present to you – Printable PDF files of Valentines from Etsy. We love etsy. Etsy and us? We’re in love. Perfect for Valentines.
123 Printables, Valentines cards
Little Friends, Valentines cards
Printable stationary – fawns
123 Printables, Folded Valentine card/envelope
Printable Valentine – Jolly Roger
Love Birds, Printable Valentine
Printable Valentine – Love Rocks
Digital Collage Sheet, Vintage Valentine
L is for Love, Printable Valentine
Kitschy Digital Collage, Vintage Valentines