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I was in love with the drummer/dread-wearing department of this boy-band. Chris maybe? I don’t know. N’Sync was a defining musical genre for my tweens. I started drinking coffee and shopping for trendy jewelry. I drew and painted and wrote in journals and when it was all too much for me, I turned on N’Sync and danced in my bedroom til dinner time.

Some times a girl just needs a boy band.

Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

Last week I wrote about my Baby’s First Christmas Ornament and it’s gotten some attention (the ornament itself) because they don’t make them anymore. Ornaments in general can be a little gaudy or boring. So I found a few places with fun and somewhat vintage looking ornaments for the Baby’s first year.

Here’s mine, on our tree:

Christmas Tree 2011

I found September Houses Flickr stream with some LOVELY embroidered ornaments. I love this one.

A crocheted carriage here. (as a pack of 12?? But still the price is good.)

Adorable rocking horses with sleeping babes here.

A sleeping babe in angels wings here.

Hallmark’s line of Baby Ornaments here – has a vintage-ish looking carriage as part of their collection. Kinda fun!

Where are you guys finding great ornaments this year? I went to Etsy but mostly found hand painted spheres as a whole in the genre of “ornaments”. Not really what I was looking for … bahumbug.

Hey guys! Look!

I wrote 10 way to be money smart in the new year on Curvy Girl Guide this week as well as How to take creative shots of your kids as part of a series of guest posts for Simple Organized Living. (She just had a beautiful baby girl.)

These articles are advice heavy – so now it’s your turn … what advice would you add to either one? Or, if you’re feeling particularily chatty – throw some advice on the Holidays my way.

Holidays as in … getting through them on a budget, on a diet, with kids, with out of town family, with your own family … ha!

And go!

Over sharing: Elsewhere

You can find me around the web this week talking about all kinds of things, recently on Turnstone I share some tips for Throwing an Office Holiday Party:

This is the time of year when it seems that working around your work schedule is a full time job but are you making time to celebrate with your coworkers too?

Here’s a few great ideas for your office party (committee optional).

First, let’s discuss.

What do you want out of your Office party this season? As the wife of someone who has employees it’s important for us to give back to the people who give us so much. Their time and talent are gifts to us but without them, we don’t have an office to throw a party. It’s also a great time to regroup as a company, realign strategies and allies for another great year ahead.

Click here to read more

On Curvy Girl Guide I show you how to make a delicious roast chicken and DIY a pressure cooker all at once as well as dish on the Real Estate Market and gab about how much I love to move as well as buy and sell houses.

The Block

Since I’m lacking anything special to say today how about I show you where else I can’t stop talking??

We’re still recovering from our fun week in Boulder, Co. One morning we even let our daughter sleep in after going to bed at 5:30 the previous evening. Girlfriend slept for 14 hours straight and woke up smiling for the first time in days.

I shared an easy and frugal Advent Calendar on a friends blog. She is kind of awesome and will save you money.

I’m sure I’ve already told you about this – but on CurvyGirlGuide I shared my Breast Reduction story.

Work from home but need to expand? I wrote some tips for when to move locations, offices or for growth on Turnstone.

I also share a few inside tips on what it means to work from a coffee shop. Respect the earbuds.

Ever have those moments when you’re trying to explain the simplest of tasks to someone and you’d rather just be able to show them? How about how to make a PDF? You’re welcome. I also cover how to attach that file (or any file) in an email. If you send emails and need to send documents … you must know this.

Lastly – yay! I was featured on Chickabug with my Mini Pinata’s. So fun.

BREAK! I’ll see you back here tomorrow.