34th St Project

This house is a go. We’re doing the project!

Last week we had an open house to start the process. Basically it was this blog post in real life.

34th St home, first open house

34th St home, first open house

I would have liked to have some sitcky notes at the ready for guests to walk through and post their ideas/suggestions but there will be more chances throughout the process and you guys are going to get to make decisions too. I’m so excited!

34th St home, first open house

34th St home, first open house

Wink. In the mean time, as things get started, there’s a couple ways for you to get involved right now.

34th St home, first open house

Terry Brinks on instagram and hashtag #34thStProject are going to be fun to follow/watch.

I’m also on Instagram and will be posting a few things there as well, I’m sure.

You can join the dedicated Pinterest Board for this project and pin your ideas or comment on ours. And of course, at any time, if you just need to see it for yourself – don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll potentially have scheduled walk-throughs and a few more events along the way, not to mention the final celebration to see the completed vision.

The house will have updated electrical and new windows. We’ll be opening up the floor plan with removing 2 of the walls on the main floor for a better flow of space. Opening up the stairway on one side, new flooring, reconfiguring a doorway for a master bathroom and possibly drywalling the basement and revamping the bonus room upstairs. Paint, new trim and a new kitchen. I’m sure some of this will change along the way, either by adding additional ideas or reworking current ones to stay within budget. But that’s the game plan.

Hoping to knock some walls down next week.

What’s on your House-List these days? My personal house-list includes kitchen cabinets, a couple rugs, some art. A couch. Spring to finally be here. You know, the basics šŸ™‚ A money tree wouldn’t be bad either, amirite?

It might take another 10 years and I’m ok with that, it’s time to live in our house. I’m so ready for that.

It’s like Property Brothers, only completely different

Because we don’t have a camera crew following us or unlimited budgets to make magic happen, and we’re not really related. But Terry has this adorable house listed in the Maplewoods area (hey, neighbor) ((info on zillow as well)) and I think with a few changes to the layout, some new paint and a few opened walls: this house could be your little piece of Home-heaven.

79 W 34th St Terry's Listing 616-836-1258

Take a minute to click through the photos so you can familiarize yourself with the BEFORE. I’m going to take you step by step through the key changes I’d love to see in this home, with a few extras just for fun.

This home is close to 2 schools, walking distance to a church (lets be honest in Holland, what home isn’t?), close to a shopping district and only minutes from downtown restaurants and boutique stores. Mature trees, great neighborhood, close to Maplewood youth complex park and ball field and why are we still talking?

When you enter the breezeway connecting the garage and house, you walk into what I would make a multi functional mudroom.

34th St Home

From the other side of the room:

34th St Home

There are heat runs into this room so I think technically this is a 4 season room, that’s a bonus in my book.

If you mentally turn so you’re looking straight at the garage door – I can see something like this to your right, with the side door to your left:

I can see you placing one of these units from IKEA on it’s side to create the divider, fill it with baskets to keep outdoor gear in, the top of the unit becomes a great landing spot for keys and mail and you leave everything behind as you enter the home. On the wall opposite the piano in the photo above you can have a system installed or built like this for coat storage, shoes and misc outdoor gear.

Welcome home. From the mudroom you enter the house and the kitchen.

34th St Home

Swivel around and look at where you came from:

34th St Home

This kitchen will perk right up – I want to see this wall knocked down:

34th St Home

I’d put the fridge next the dishwasher, paint the cabinets and replace the counter top with butcher block.

I love this airy look and the inviting feel of the window:

I’d add an island with a stove and some seating:

And you’d inherit the pantry of a lifetime.

34th St Home

You could keep the desk and storage space next to the Pantry or widen the hallway and lose the desk. I would absolutely open up the walls underneath the stairs and take the closet out. Opens the living space up, makes room for the island and seating and creates a better flow for the main floor. I’d keep the beautiful wood floors in the living room (and newly larger space) but I’d do something in the kitchen, laminate? Tile? Or just sanded and refinished.

34th St Home

34th St Home

34th St Home

34th St home

This 4 bedroom home becomes a three bedroom home if you knock that wall down and make the living room larger and the main floor open concept. It’s ok, though, I know where you can put your other bedroom (or maybe 2 more) in the basement.

Let’s keep going on the main floor – if you walk down the hall next to the stairs you’ll run into the master bedorom:

34th St home

But before you walk INTO the master, you can hang a left to the main floor laundry and 2nd bathroom.

34th St home

Laundry rooms are another language entirely for me. I spend a lot of time doing laundry, folding laundry, yelling about laundry, loathing laundry and ignoring it. But I do it so much better in a beautiful space. A little paint will go a long way.

I’d do something similar to this for the laundry space:

The layout flip flops for 34th St home and instead of glass cabinetry above the sink – there’s a window (bonus). There’s a decent size closet in your laundry room that I’d keep as is and organize to my hearts content. Some white paint, a funky (maybe antique/vintage) sink under the window and some updated flooring with new paint on the walls: Done. You might not do your laundry any faster, but you won’t hate walking over there to check on the growing pile.

The second bathroom is off of the laundry

34th St home

34th St home

And she’s pretty as she is, I love the tile. The color is bright, the vanity even works. Remove the curtain, take the glass door down (I’m allergic to them, emotionally, you understand) and hang a graphic curtain (like this one, or maybe this one, or this could work, as could this one, but let’s not forget about this one.) Instant update.

There is one problem though, this bathroom shares a wall with the master bedroom. It’s almost entirely unaccessible to company as it sits in the current layout now – I would move the door and make this an on-suite to the master bedroom.

34th St home

34th St home

From the bedroom:

34th St home

34th St home

Again, paint on the walls – updated window coverings. I can see the Master bedroom doing all the talking, I was inspired by this bedroom. Love that pop of green and those side tables.

Have you called Terry yet? Because this is your house, we all know it. I want this to be your house. It’s perfect for you.

In the event that you have not you must be waiting for the upstairs. So let’s go there:

34th ST Home

At the top of the stairs there are 2 bedrooms, one to the left and one to the right. When we go right we see …

34th St house

That green box references this empty space you could turn into built-in drawers for add storage.

There’s a surprise in this bedroom –

34th St Home

34th St house

34th St house

This bonus space is so great. It needs to be painted, probably re-drywalled for cleaner walls but let’s just talk about what this room could really be.

First of all, this could be another bedroom. Easy. It could be a playroom, a bunk room, an office, a space that grows with your family, a retreat, even an indoor movie room. If you’re going to dream about it, then let’s dream about it.

The other bedroom upstairs, the 4th bedroom, just needs some paint.

34th St Home

That brings us to the basement:

34th St Home

This is the most underused space in this whole house. Fir those cinder blocks and hang some drywall. (That’s how we finished our basement.) I love those stairs – and there’s some utility underneath them, I would build some bookshelves on either side of the stairs to hide the utilities but I’d disguise a door in one of the bookshelves. Sneaky. I love it so much.

You could make this space by the furnace an office:

34th St home

And the other side of the basement is equally primed for something awesome. Here you can add egress windows and 2 additional bedrooms. Or one bedroom and a rec room. Or all living space, but it’s all extra.

Don’t get me started on the yard, potential is all there, this home needs a little love (true story) but with a little help, this house is more than a place to hang your coat. She’s a story … I think she’s your story.

(It begs to be mentioned that I’m not an agent, I just work for one. If you’re interested in this house – as it sits, or finished with these changes, we have options for you. Email Terry or give him a call 616-355-3777)

I have a present for you

I’ve lost sleep over this little house:

Please buy this house because I can't

Here’s the information on it via swmric.com as well as zillow.com.

It’s not much to look at right now, I understand. Don’t you worry. Remember what our house looked like when we saw it for the first time? An open mind is your best tool when you’re looking for a house to buy, wether it be an investment or a place for you.

So let me show you what I would do with this house if I could (any takers?? Who wants to do this with me? I am not even kidding. But if you want to do it by yourself, have at it. Terry would love sell it to you.)

First, the location is just so good. Halfway between Holland and Saugatuck and within a mile of a restaurant, liquor store, and grocery store. Just down the street from a park and 2 blocks off Lake Macatawa.

But it needs a little curb appeal: a porch would do just fine. I wouldn’t wrap it but you could. I’d just add it to the front.

Here’s the kitchen as it sits now:

Please buy this house because I can't

Here’s what I would do:

Tear up the carpet through out the whole house, if the subfloor was in bad shape, I’d lay plywood floors. But for the square footage of the house – splurging on something wouldn’t break the bank either. I want to save my splurge money for something else though, so at a $1 a square foot, I’d stick with the plywood floors.

The counter top and backsplash is an easy fix, I’d replace it with something like wood or even laminate and subway tile the backsplash. Classic, simple, clean. I don’t think I’d touch the layout of cabinets – it’s functional.

I would add trim to the ceiling for this effect:

And then I’d add a locker island with a few stools for seating:

I know that Phyllis in Hamilton has 2 in stock as of last weekend for $295 each.

For the bedroom I’d see if it was possible to vault the ceilings (like this) to add more sleeping I’d check in to adding a loft in the bedroom but keep the ceilings vaulted in the living room.

But the bathroom is where I would splurge.

Please buy this house because I can't

From the photos in the listing it looks as though the other side of the bathroom is the bedroom closets, I would consider stealing some closet space to make the bathroom larger and see if a tub could fit. Otherwise I’d rework the current layout to better use the space and create some pleasing storage solutions …

Lydia | shupg.com’s pin on Pinterest.

Definitely tile in the bathroom to at least chair-rail height and tile the shower (or possible tub). Tile for floor in bathroom as well.

From here I would take the last update to the back of the house, outside.

Please buy this house because I can't

I’d add a patio (like this) but not stamped, just concrete. Paint the walls inside an open and airy pallet of grays or creams with white trim and you’ll wonder why you don’t just move in for yourself. You could, that’s the fun of it.

Sounds easy when you’re dreaming, I know. But I honestly think I could contract and/or DIY some of the changes for a total investment of $10-12,000. Maybe less, possibly more. I haven’t had a contractor look at it, nor have I inspected the house myself. You see, if I did, I would be writing a different story about how I was about to embark on all of this myself. Because I want it so bad.

That’s all good and dandy but does it make dollars and cents? The way I envision it, it could sleep up to 6. You could have yourself an awesome airbnb.com rental close to the lake, between two of the best lakeshore towns in West Michigan that would be fully stocked and family friendly. Or, you could just flip it. Buy it right, put your elbow grease into it and then sell for the improved value.

(Side note: here’s a house in St. Joe on airbnb.com, it’s a little larger with 2 bedrooms and literally on the Lake, but it’s simple, bright and clean. I’m not saying you could get $300 a night for this little house comparatively, but what if you could get $399-$579 a week in the summer? Run your own numbers, I’m not an agent.;) But seriously, think about it.)

I just do this for fun and now, I get to write about this for a job too. If you want to see this house or buy it, because why wouldn’t you, you should probably email us.