Dinnerware roundup: My fav’s

Creme Colored, plain A classic – good for photographing food or just feeling neat.
Learning to make Sushi? Awesome, serve up those cabbage rolls right here. Thank you.
I’m a serious sucker for all things floral but not your Grandma’s cross-stitched floral – no I like the pretty ones.
Kind of reminds me of Jadeite, which kind of reminds me of orgasms and I don’t have more to add to that.
Let’s follow that up with a footed soup bowl because this fall’s new flannel blanket looks better when there’s soup brewing.
Rimmed porcelain I like this, but I can’t explain why.
Um, I kind of want to call this one “The slut of all dinnerware” because no matter what else I find I’m always going to be thinking about those fine bird legs and aqua feather strokes. Lenox, you naughty little tramp.
Fiestaware of course I’d pick turquoise, shamrock and plum for starters and go from there.
Maybe all this blue, aqua and turquoise is coming because I just had a baby boy?
I would buy chickens just to make this photo a reality for my kitchen table

If I ran a marathon, this is what the finish line would look like to me

They’re done! And hung, well and to the left. (wink) I love working with a drill but sadly this image does nothing for my husband …

The thought of me working with a power tool or liking it is right up there with the thought of me making chicken for dinner versus fish. They’re both considered white meat to him, makes no difference as long as he eats. And there’s mayonaise somewhere in the meal.
But this … this is orgasmic for me.

A chourus of Angels are singing in my head when I see this photo. A saprano is taking the high note and holding it … I have goose bumps.
But this here – this lights a little fire for Aaron – you see that naughty littly toy I’m playing with … a computer – oh you dirty little computer you. Full of email and blogging potential. So naughty.


Here they are – nothing but paint and a little routered edge plus new hardware was done to these puppies – but you get the picture. We have to hang the cupboards up tonight so more photos are coming.
You, Do. Not. Know. how excited I am to be done with this. It was fun, I liked working with my dad – yay! But seriously – I don’t want to see a paint brush or any kind of scrap wood for at least 72 hours.
I have a short attention span.

Last coat

Today is the day we can finally put the last coat of paint on the cupboards. And tomorrow, if dry, I could take them home. It took 2 extra days than I had originally thought it would but that’s fine – I’ll enjoy them even more when I don’t have to see every single one of my spices not in alphabetical order all day long.

13 Weatherball red, warmer ahead

This morning after having coffee with some girlfriends I headed out to my dad’s house again to put the first coat of paint on the back side of the cabinets and the second coat/final coat on the drawers. I didn’t call before I went out there because I figured everything would be ready.
I should have called. The paint from the first coat wasn’t dry yet. So I double checked the heat in my dad’s barn and found that it had been turned off, which I’m guessing was a glitch we didn’t catch when my dad was giving me the run down on his barn so I would know what to do while he was on a trip. Gosh darn it. My step mom is going to watch the paint and if it’s dry later this afternoon she’s volunteered to paint the back side of my cabinets for me.
Hopefully we’re still on schedule here. Tomorrow I have to put the second coat on the fronts if I want this all to work out before Aaron gets home. WEATHER! WARM UP ALREADY.
Also – what do you think of the hardware I picked out??? They were the cheapest ones at Menards …