No regrets

The morning after isn’t so bad. I’m still excited about this project, it’s just time consuming. Which I can handle for 3 more days and then I’m taking my child somewhere with a hot tub and getting so prune like that even I won’t want to be in my own skin.

I’m too tired to care if this makes sense or not

I’m not insane. But whenever Aaron goes out of town it’s like I get this giddy feeling inside of me that finally I can do something to the house. You know, like rewire the basement for surround sound. Or that one time I changed all the window coverings, or painted the kitchen. I always choose projects that take more than an afternoon because when Aaron’s around he loathes home improvement.
Aaron likes a clean house. To a fault. Even though there’s light at the end of a home improvement project that means there’s probably a day or two when he’ll go to sleep with dust on the counter and possibly (gasp!) dirt and grime on every other surface. Or tools laying out – or just a big hole in general somewhere in one of our walls. He won’t sleep well and he’ll drive Jessica and I crazy with his non-stop energy to get it done in half the time like he’s on the crew of Extreme Home Makeover.
We’re not very realistic about our home improvement projects. But I love them. I LOVE to do it myself. I’m a big fan of handy work. But mostly I’m a big fan of someone helping me with handy work. And since Aaron doesn’t enjoy it – I usually recruite my dad, or his dad, or both along with some friends to help make dreams come true while he’s out of town.
This time? No, I’m not redoing our bathroom – although I should be. I am however redoing most of our kitchen. SURPRISE AARON!
No, I’m not kidding. It is a surprise. This is the reason I spent the night in GR at my dad’s house – he has an awesome pole barn I could use to resurface our cabinets while electricians came in to redo our lighting and electrical in the kitchen. Again, Aaron – I’m awesome. With the help of your dad and my dad I sort of single handedly sanded, measured and cut MDF board, glued and nailed it to our cabinets, re sanded, filled the wholes with filler, sanded some more, primed all our cabinets and drawers, re sanded, some more wood filler, a little more sanding and a first coat of paint on our cabinets and drawers.
Oh and I slept and ate dinner, breakfast and lunch. To say that I’m tired is the understatement of this project. Tomorrow I have to go back out to my dad’s put a coat of paint on the underside of our cabinets and a final coat of paint on our drawers then the following day I have to put a second coat of paint on one side of the cabinets, let it dry over night again and finally on the 3rd day put the final coat of paint on and wait for it dry again before I can take them home and re hang them. Oh yea – and put new hardware on them.
Um … it’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission right? hee hee. Honey, love, babe … this new kitchen is going to rock my world which will in turn rock your world upside down.

This was our kitchen when we bought the house … we’ve since done alot to it – small remodel to change where the fridge and stove were, new flooring, counter tops, sink and paint.

So nice. A lovely kitchen. But how much lovelier would you be with new lighting? And new cabinet doors???!!

And maybe we’ll take one of em down for good …

By now I hope you’re as excited as we are …

This is how awesome they looked after sanding them, cutting and applying the MDF board as a border, and oh yea – routering them. And then some more sanding …

And now we’re ready to apply wood filler and subsequently, after more sanding of course, primer …

Then I got lazy, what with all the sanding going on and the growing my finger nails. I stopped taking photos. Until I got home, and was greeted with this …

I cried too.