Something to look forward to

By the end of this week there will be a photographic tutorial on how to make … something. Cooking or baking related. I need your help in deciding what to do first. I’m going to try to make this a monthly, if not more regular, thing here at
I’ll be mixing some good ol’ recipes that I grew up with and have tried and liked with some healthier, non dairy recipes. I’m going for a balance here – but I realize most people bake and cook with dairy so I’ll start in that direction. I need your help because of this. I don’t buy dairy for baking or cooking anymore – and I don’t have white flour or sugar in the house – but to start with the cooking demo’s I’ll be buying some of this stuff again for ease and then I’ll get into substitutions etc.
I’m getting groceries tomorrow – so let me know by then what you prefer to see first …
Brisket – a marinaded cut of beef cooked to such perfection that you might forget about McDonald’s altogether. A recipe my mother has made on many many occasions. It originated in Texas. You should also know that this recipes requires marinating time and very long cook times – although it’s extremely worth it.
Dream Bars – a baking delight, Aaron’s favorite treat. I hate these, actually – but I’ll make them for all of you. They’re gooey and sweet and they contain nuts. I’ve heard moaning when these are consumed.
Mocha Torte – I love this, this recipe makes me sad that I broke up with Dairy. It’s easier than you’d think with “torte” in the title, believe me, most people think this takes hours. Honestly? About 30 min, start to finish, including cook time. It’s chocolaty with a coffee flavor and moist and succulent. You won’t regret this one. And you’ll be the bell of the ball, party or Easter Celebration when you bring this to the door.
And last but certainly not least –
Crab Salad – a cold pasta salad with veggies and a creamy sauce. Also one of Aaron’s favorites – and mine. This one is great for potlucks or picnics – also nice to have in the house for snacking on a nice day or when you hear your husband say – I wish I had something to take with me to work for lunch. Bingo!
Don’t worry – if you want to see more than one of these – I plan on making them all at one time or another, I just need to know where to start. These cooking demonstrations will be a two day affair on my end – one day cooking/baking it and photographing it, the next editing and posting the info here. So don’t be shy … ask, tell and request. I’m all about it.