Painting today!

My house is a little crazy right now – kids are hither and yon – naked from showers and baths, over taking laundry bins as their personal traveling systems and littering my hallways with dirty socks and pants.

My son learned the word Boobie this morning and then proceeded to pee on my carpet. My daughter, with a double ear infection and sinus infection, is sitting quietly reading her books … she requested that we keep the TV off this morning.

And we’re painting soon!

Can’t wait to show you the results. I’m off to tape the room.

Bedroom reduex

This is my daughters bedroom about a year and half ago …

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2

Since then we’ve taken her carpet up, she now has hardwood floors, changed her window coverings (and installed new windows) and added a locker to her room. A stand alone, vintage locker – painted white. If it were day time I’d take a photo to show you – for now, just imagine it.

This weekend we’ll be repainting her walls – and the wonderful wall decal of the dandelion is no more so maybe we’ll do a new one with the new paint. (It was a one time use deal)

Now. Please tell me what to do.

She wants her walls in the purple family, which is just fine by me – but it has to be muted. Think an elephant grey with a purple undertone. I want to do her room so she can grow into it for the next 10 years and not feel like she’s living in a barbie playworld. Also? I hate Barbie playworlds.

We need a rug, I’ll be repainting an old brass headboard for a new bed (so her brother can have hers, RIP crib) and I was thinking this:

Here’s one pallet I like:

Picture 2

Here’s another – I like the Ash Violet.

Picture 3

I like this turquoise for the bed frame (Gem Turquoise), or something similar …

Picture 4

However, Aaron, the husband, would prefer to paint the new headboard something along the lines of a very dark purple, almost black

Picture 5

Only a little darker.

I like my idea better – with a punch of color like that in the room, but maybe that’s not making it “grow up” at all. So help please.

Feel free to link to things you think I should know, look at, buy. I buy paint tomorrow, so it’s down to the wire!

Ready for Spring

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cow parts

It’s official. I’m ready for spring. I’m chomping at the bit to get started on some projects.

pottery barn bedford project table cubbies

knockoffwood easy modern narrow farm table 10

Pottery Barn Cameron Bookcase pink-green

Which so wonderfully has everything to do with my Life List, number nine to be exact. Learn Carpentry.

I was all set to sign up for some shop-type classes when I discovered Knock Off Wood via Young House Love a few months ago and OH MY WORD. I can’t stop building things in my head and decorating our house. I’m very excited.

But first, we’ll be repainting Jessica’s bedroom and getting her a new bed so Oliver can have her current one. I’ll be bringing you along for the ride. And hopefully have some surprises for you along the way too. Oh this is fun!

(Also, if you don’t mind … would you be willing to give me some input on the next Cooking Demo topic? I’ve got a small multiple choice survey (4 options) if you want to weigh in on it for me! THANKS)

Order up; Green grass with a side of Sun please

It’s beautiful here today, snowing softly. I love living in Michigan with the weather even though we have 6 months of cold or snow … the other 6 months of the year really make up for it. I’m a rare Michigander who doesn’t mind the cold or snow actually – but as I’m looking forward to Spring and Summer and all the fun stuff that’s available to our family for free … I just can’t help but start to join the other side of the debate.

The folks who loathe this time of year. The lack of sunshine, the mess, the driving. Maybe it’s because having 2 kids keeps me inside more than it used to this time of year. Or maybe I’m just ready for something new.

Either way, I’m very excited for the gardening and walking and memory-making that is ahead of us in a few months.

July 2008 G33ks Group

Picking out flowers

8th St Tulips

Morning walk

My little people

Ah, the sweet sensation of the sun on your cheeks. I’m ready!

Raise your hand

My head is kind of exploding right now, with wonderful things. There’s so much going on over here behind the scenes. Most of it having to do with planning the Gleek Retreat for May 22-23, 2010. The site is on it’s way but until then, you can follow the progress and learn about some of the stuff we’re planning on twitter.

I’m also keeping y’all updated on facebook with some behind the scenes details and announcing things as they happen. (Plus giveaways at a whims notice, all because I like you.)

If you want more of anything, those are great places to start. There’s always me on twitter as well, but beware I some times apologize to my Grandma before I say something because I know she checks up on me (Hi Grandma!).

Now. The exciting part of all of this is that I think I found what I love. I love creating and meeting. Done deal. I love to write – but I love to see the faces of the people who read it and that’s not an ego thing, I just love to interact. I guess writing for me is my “art” so when people read it, have an emotion or a laugh or a reaction … I want to gage it, I want to be there, I want to absorb it. Problem is, I get zero faces from the web.

So I’m going to change that. Who’s with me?