Battle of the buldge


Well, there it is. Still some debate as to how far along we are. We’ll know forsure by the middle of next week.

We had our first doctors appointment today. We got a bag-o-stuff full of magazines, books, pamphlets, samples of newborn diapers, cremes and even deoderant … because my armpits deserve a spa treament. Seriously, that’s what it said. There is alot of information to sort through and/or omit depending on importance. We have our work cut out for us.

We also tried to hear the heart beat again today, but it was hiding. The nurse could pick up the reading but not the sound. So Aaron was bummed but we’ll be able to hear it again at our next appointment. (Which is July 12)

Oddly enough I have no idea how to conclude this, so I’m just going to stop writing.

New Baby Section

After being bugged by Jodi now for a couple weeks, I finally got up the Baby section of theParagon. I won’t go into detail on any of the backend code and how easy it was to move to a design like this with MT and CSS – that’s something I’ll post on my area of the site.

This area will more than likely be updated by the wife (Jodi) and be read by non-techniqual people like moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas.

So with that – Welcome to the new Baby section of theParagon.ORG