Slightly stressing about:

-Not having cleaned the baby car seat yet – it’s still in the attic at this point.
-Most of the “baby things” are still in the attic – and I’d really just like to take stock of what we have and clean them all before Junior makes his way into the world, right now this isn’t looking possible.
-The bake sale – I’m ready, but if I go into labor in the next 24 hours my freezer is full of crap instead of meals to feed my family. Which, ok, is maybe not such a big deal – but if I send Aaron to the store for groceries we’ll be eating lobster for dinner every night – with a side of canned mushrooms.

I’m looking forward to:

Seeing my feet again.
Having ankles.
Holding a brand new baby.
Smelling his soft baby hair.
Watching Jessica fall in love (hopefully).
Watching Aaron with a new baby.
Eating cake. And ice cream. Without caring.
Bending at the waist.
Wearing shoes made for feet, not balls at the end of my leg.
No more shots.
No more poking my fingers.
Breastfeeding again.
Sleeping on my stomach.
Being able to say “kids” and be talking about my own.
Having a sleeping baby in my arms while Jessica runs rampant outside.
Taking a walk without a stroller – one walking and one in a sling.
Meeting him, seeing him, recognizing him – knowing he fits in our life.
Life continuing without much interruption – just going with the flow.

Doctors appointment update

I had another doctors appointment and non-stress today. I LOVE MY DOCTOR. First. That had to be said, because, really? He is the man.
Also – I’m almost 3 centimeters dilated – he said he has to say 2 because if someone else checked me they would consider it a 2 but I’m very close to 3. Then he stripped my membranes and if you don’t know what that is – google it. I’m not about tell you.
So the countdown is on – for sure I have another week, by his estimation but in 2 or 3 we could have a baby!!!

Quick update

Ultrasound this morning was good – we’ve got a chubby baby already – he’s 6 pounds and 14 ounces at 35 weeks pregnant. Thats a doozy. But everything is healthy – the level of amniotic fluid is good, a little more than normal – but to be expected with the friggen gestational diabetes. He’s healthy otherwise, all organs look good, heart beat is great – his belly is measuring off the charts (which is where all the extra glucose I’m making is going on him – so he’s belly is nice and round – and we mean round).
Check out the ultrasound photos.
This afternoon I’m back in the doctors office for a Non-stress test – and I’ll be doing those twice a week from now on, every Monday and Thur. Also I’ll be seeing my OB every Monday following the non-stress test. So it’s getting busy over here. We don’t want the baby to get bigger than 10 pounds because then we get into the discussion of c-sections and or a vaginal delivery that might break the babies shoulders and such because of his size. So pray for that. They didn’t change my due date at all – but the goal is to make it 4 more weeks and if my cervix is starting to do it’s job they’ll most likely induce me at that time.
I’m done with this, now. I’d really like all of this to stop. However, thats not going to happen so I’m bucking up and dealing with it. It’s overwhelming.
But the baby is healthy so thats the best news!!! Still no name, we know. We know! We can’t decide. We’re pretty much not talking about it any more because it’s just easier. As of now this kid has a middle name and a last name – but no first name. And no, we’re not lying. We cannot make up our minds and when we think we have we change our minds the next day – so stop asking. We do not know, we don’t know, have no idea, do not know. You’ll know when we do, in about 4 weeks time šŸ™‚