Blood sugar stuff?

Should we talk about this?

Ok then.

The blood sugar woes are going well. I am able to manage my levels with diet and exercise which is ideal. That diet still happens to be the freaked out life of vegetables and protein, but maybe some day I’ll enjoy a starch or carb like the rest of the world.

Funny thing is now when I see commercials or people eating in restaurants and they’re eating rolls and hamburgers I just think to myself “How in the world is their body regulating all of that” because my body would be breaking, although functional in the sense that I somehow don’t drop over dead, it just boggles me.

My pancreas can’t even handle a bite of a sandwich, A BITE, and here people are eating spaghetti with garlic bread and a beer. OH MY GOSH, my BP rises thinking about it. So it’s best not to.

My body can handle caffeine though, and even the occasional Vanilla Latte. Which surprises me to no end – but I think the speed of the caffeine somehow helps the digestion of the flavoring.

Either way, I’ll take it.

I haven’t had a lick of fruit since this whole thing began and the other day I was cutting an apple for Oliver and thought to myself, I wonder … ???

Yep, wondered wrong. Can’t handle the fruit yet. So, me and carrots, we get along.

I’m still poking my finger 4 times a day which has Jessica worried four times a day, but she’s getting used to it. When I was pregnant with Oliver I had to give myself insulin injections twice a day and was really worried about having Jessica see me do this. It just doesn’t seem right to watch a pregnant woman give herself a shot IN THE BELLY when they’re 9 months pregnant. I didn’t want her to think the baby was sick or that I was in danger.

But she didn’t care at all. Seeing me inject insulin was no big deal to her, but seeing me check my blood sugar almost always requires lots of explaining before and after to keep her calm.

So I’ve had some ups and downs, some really tough weeks where all I want to do is rip open a bag of oreo’s and forget I had anything wrong with me at all … and there are really easy weeks where I can eat Salad for every meal and be full.

I think the trick is having people on my side, my family supports what I’m doing and is always asking how things are going, which keeps me accountable but also gives me an outlet to say how frustrating this is.

Part of me thinks that when the time frame is done for this trial period (which is working) I won’t be able to reintroduce sugar back into my diet. Possibly not for a year, or even 10. I told Aaron how much this scares me and how frustrated it is to be social living like this. Going out to dinner or to Christmas Parties is like punishment for me right now, so how can I be expected to live like this for years on end?

Aaron was understanding but firm in his support for my health and just gave me something to think about. How lucky I am to be healthy as long as I’m eating right and doing what I know works. Even if it is 10 years from now, I’ll be 10 steps ahead of every one else for figuring this out so early.

So. Yes. Here we are. Still, we’re still here. And it’s still working.

I’ve gotten questions as to what I’m taking (if anything) to help. And I am taking a couple things … Lots and lots of B vitamins, Glucomannan, CoQ10 and an anti-viral for my pancreas as well as a pancreatic supporter (vitamin) from my Chiropractor. Honestly, I can’t tell a huge difference about anything from these vitamins, but my Chiropractor can, as well as my Acupuncturist. So, for the next couple of months, I’ll keep swallowing capsules. The future hope is that I can do what I’m doing without so many vitamins, and I’ll probably be off the viral and pancreatic ones sooner than later.

Who knew that getting my blood sugar issues under control would be such a process? Not me. For sure not me. But I’m glad I’m on this journey if for nothing else than to learn more about my body and to be aware of what I’m putting in my mouth and how much it truly affects me.

What about you guys? Have you taken any health-fulfilling journey’s this past year? What are you learning about and how has it affected your dinner table, or your attitude? Maybe your outlook or opinion on medicine? Do tell! This is something I’m really passionate about learning, and I’d love to hear what keeps you guys interested in your health!

Baby weight update – Weight Watchers

I weighed in this morning and have gained 2 pounds. I feel very disappointed but I know that I’m the cause of the weight gain. I have to talk myself down from this – because in my head 2 pounds might as well be 20. So I’m not going to dwell on this, I do want to be very honest – I’m human, and haven’t gotten this self esteem/baby weight/healthy lifestyle all figured out.
But it’s all part of this journey so here we go, back on track.

Baby weight update – Weight Watchers

I was VERY afraid to get on the scale this week with being on vacation – but I still lost 6 ounces!
Hey, I’ll take it šŸ™‚ Which brings my total weight loss since giving birth to 30 pounds and I’m 8 pounds away from my “Oliver pre-pregnancy” weight … I still have 25 to 30 to go though, in all.
What about you??