Now I know I’m going to get bigger in my mid section for the next 5 1/2 – 6 months but I am amazed at how big it already is. Sometimes Aaron and I just look at it and wonder – how am I going to be able to walk?

You see I have all of 4 inches between the bottom of my ribs and the beginning of my hips – I have NO WHERE to put this baby, but out. And to think I’m going to sport 7 pounds baby, 7 pounds amniotic fluid and whatever else – which is 14 pounds just to be clear – on the outside of “the insides” … I’m definitely going to need some kind of walker to keep me from tipping over.

I’m reading a book right now, one of many, called The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, Everything Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You; it’s a very good book and I recommend it to all pregnant woman highly. But there’s more than a chapter on how pregnancy isn’t just the belly – the whole body is pregnant. I have to say this is the best advice I’ve gotten to date on this experience because all the hair growing in weird places, the hair growing longer and faster, and my hair getting darker is very foriegn. I was writing down all these questions for my next doctors appointment until I got to that chapter. And thats just my hair. My fingernails are pregnant, my boobs are definitely pregnant, my entire bone structure is moving and making room for the pregnancy in and of itself.

Not one thing isn’t pregnant about me. Well, maybe my nose. But then again, I can smell Aaron’s morning breath before he even wakes up or moves in my general direction.

Umbilical cord – to tie or to clasp?

This morning I was wondering about my belly button. I mean, since that’s where I was connected to the umbilical cord and everyone else too, how does it work on the inside now that I’m not attached anymore?

Aaron and I got to talking about it and we got to the point of discussing the possibilities about the cutting of the cord and what not. Aaron fervently pointed out to me that he’s always been told that you cut the cord, and then proceed to tie it off. And, according to Aaron, you tie it off according to inny or outy – which ever you prefer. AND THEN (I know, there’s more) because it can’t possibly heal itself all nice and cute like it turns out Aaron also thinks the doctor then ties the belly button closed (you know how it looks like a knot … he thinks the doctor does that).

So lets paint this picture for you. Aaron has just finished cutting the cord, if he hasn’t fainted already, and then looks at me with all seriousness and asks, inny or outy, Jode? What should we do?

So this morning I’m trying not to laugh because he’s SO serious about this but I’ve been around babies since I, myself, was one and I happen to know the process of the umbilical cord very well. I have 4 nieces/nephews and I started babysitting at age 11. Not to mention any of my 36 cousins just on my moms side. I’ve seen a few umbilical cords in my day.

You cut the cord and then the doctor CLAMPS it, and that’s all. You leave it there for it to do its thing. It heals and it FALLS OFF by ITSELF. (Imagine Aaron horrified at this point, how could I think it falls off???) And when it falls off, it’s a button. It decides inny or outy and it closes itself.

We got to the point of Aaron looking up the facts online … because pregnant woman with baby experience knows nothing and Internet knows all. I let Aaron find the info; to which confirmed my claims and it took everything in his body to say I was right. We even called my mom – and she’s going to die laughing at the message we left, but then she also remembers Aaron from pre pregnant wife, pre wife and just dating her daughter. She’s heard a few off the wall things before.

Uh-oh. As I type Aaron found more than information on umbilical cords on this one site – he’s watching a movie about labor and delivery. The same movie that was EMAILED to me moments after I was pregnant and I proceeded to watch it – completely unaware of what was coming next. They forget to make the disclaimer in very large and bold print stating that you’re actually going to see labor and delivery. Real people, babies and big labor words.

He’s asking me if I still want to do it naturally. Because seriously, they’re using words like transition labor, emotions and anticipation.

And there it is, the actual birth … Aaron doesn’t know what to do with himself. But wait, THERES MORE – they even show the delivery of the placenta. And his final words were (after contorting the face a million different ways) Quote “I would be like DOPE ME UP, get that shit in me.” End quote.

Battle of the Buldge Part II


And we thought my stomach was big 2 weeks ago. Man o man. Comparing the photos that we’ve taken along the way has it’s way of letting us know my body is in no way mine for the next 6 months and or longer.

So this is the beginning of trimester #2 and the books say the frequent peeing will cease – the frequent part anyway. I just have to say that is in no way true, at all. I’ve found that peeing is more of marathon for me now than it ever has been. The more I get out at once the less time before I go again, because I keep MAKING ROOM FOR MORE PEE.

And (Note to all selves, this could contain some graphic content) since when does peeing require flexing stomach muscles in order to empty the bladder. I really feel like I could be on a gymnastic team for all the bending, moving and cheering I do for myself. Just . One . More . Ounce. Go . Jodi . Go .


This past Wednesday I fell so hard I might not ever get up – I had my first ultrasound. This amazing human being already active and kicking and o-so-beautiful – it’s a baby, my baby. I’ve fallen in love, a love I never knew or understood before. A constant love, an “I will do anything for you” love, a surpassing love and most definitely the ultimate love.

As cliche as this sounds, I now know what my parents feel for me. What any parent has to feel – or has the capacity for.

I had no idea and I’m spellbound at the affects of this intoxicating emotion.

I was worried that I would be the minority mother who didn’t instantly love or know her child, that it would take weeks of getting used to. I’ve read in books and magazines that it can happen – that you don’t love your child right away.

But believe me you – I don’t know how this love could get bigger at this moment. I’m sure it will, and it’ll hurt and be joyous and scary – but I do know that I love this baby already. That meeting him/her will only make my heart beat faster and I can’t wait.

For technical updates: We are 12 weeks or 3 months pregnant today.

We’re not having twins.

Our due date, has changed 3 times, but as of now is January 16, 2005.

Plain M&M’s

When I mentioned earlier on Aarons site that I no longer had cravings for chocolate – I had forgotten what the plain m&m tasted like.

I mean, have you had one lately – what with all the candy coating and the semi soft, sweet, meltable chocolate inside. I don’t think I’ve even given it a chance to melt in my hands, I can’t get them to my mouth fast enough.

It’s heaven when you bite down and the coating crackles just so, and your watery mouth licks the supple chocolate from your cheeks and the texture, OH THE TEXTURE. A massage for the mouth.

M.U.S.T – H.A.V.E – M.&.M.’.S