It’s about time!

The last update on the 34th St Project home was almost 2 months ago. You guys are patient. There was a while there where not much was happening – which is how it always goes. Longer than you anticipated (and then add 4 more weeks to that estimate). Definitely a practice in patience but we’re getting there. And the house continues to look more and more like a home, not a construction zone.

bonus room

If you’re new to this story – here’s the beginning. Soon after the dream was released we started demo. From there I kept the progress updated as much as I could. Things happened so fast in the beginning – and from what we planned to what we are actually able to execute – we’ve been trying to keep you up to date on how that organically happens with list updates as well.

Now, it’s been a while since we tackled this in writing so we have a lot to catch up on. The next time I’ll write about this home it’ll be the full monty reveal. It’s getting so close, but if you’re desperate for an update: check instagram and facebook periodically as I tend to give snip-it’s more often on those platforms.

The house already is more progressed from these update photos with paint, trim, and beautiful refinished floors but let’s dive in.


Above is the 4th bedroom we opened up into the living area on the main floor. We gutted the closet and under the stairs, we exposed the chimney and plugged the doorway from the hall. A couple weeks ago, thick in the drywall stage – this is the same wall below …

34th St Project Update

The main floor bathroom wasn’t in the original plan to touch at all but I plead my case for the floors and a wall treatment with an updated vanity and it’s taking shape … here’s the bathroom before.

34th St home

and after new tile flooring was put in, along with the beginnings of the board and batten wall treatment. The vanity, new light fixtures and mirror are just waiting to be installed.

34th St Project Update

34th St Project Update

34th St Project Update

I handed in a list of colors to the painters – the upstairs is finished (Bonus room and 2 bedrooms plus hallways and stairway.) There’s a main color for most of the first floor to flow easily with the newly opened space, the master bedroom and master bath have a coordinating grey, and the main bath (above) has the board and batten in the trim color (Decorator white) with a coordinating color to the vanity above that and the ceiling will be a tinted white to lift the room because there’s no natural light in that space.

This bathroom, the mudroom and the laundry room are my favorites in the whole house. OK, and the bonus room. Inexpensive and small touches up the drama of the room without spending too much. The bathroom board and batten as well as the bonus room trim detail are all done with trim pieces and paint. The mudroom boot box with the crown molding was much less expensive than having actual lockers built in that space.

34th St Project Update

Forgot to share the detail of the boot box crown molding. We'll hang hooks for the locker look. Coming together :) (had a dream this week that the house was painted pink and I cried and cried and hated it, so glad it was just a dream) #34thstproject

The master bedroom wasn’t connected to the 2nd bathroom (originally the laundry was) but we closed the doorway from the laundry room and made a doorway from the bedroom to the bathroom for a Master Suite.

34th St home

To this: 34th St Project Update

And a peak at the first coat of paint in the master …

Master bedroom has one coat of paint! #34thStProject

It’s happening! The drama of the space with little details and the integrity this home already possessed is all coming together. When the home is completed we’ll be listing it at $159,900.

For that you get a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in a great neighborhood with updated electrical, all new windows, main floor completely renovated, a brand new kitchen, fresh paint, updated lighting and new fixtures throughout. You get original hardwood floors throughout the entire home freshly refinished. New carpet in the Master Suite and on the stairs, new flooring in the laundry room. A full unfinished basement with room to grow (I see another bathroom and an office or additional bedroom in the basement plus a rec room for the family). You get added storage, an updated mudroom with boot box and hooks. A clean slate for landscaping, new grass, newly paved driveway to street and an amazing lot in the Maplewood area of Holland. Plus a renovated bonus room on the second floor with new electrical run.

The home is on well water, tested and cleared by inspection. Gutters for the home, and new front door šŸ™‚ Because a little jewelry to her dress is just the thing she needs to sparkle.

It’s been a dream come true, a labor of love, a learning experience, and a pleasure to work on this home and take you along for the ride. I can’t wait to show you the finished home full of soul.

You won’t be the first to ask about her, but maybe you’ll be the one to keep her. Give Terry Brinks a call (616-836-1258) or email and as always, you can leave a comment here or email me for more information or to set up a private viewing of the home.

It’ll be like unwrapping the best kind of present when the home finds her new owners and we get to hand the keys over. I hope it’s one of you.

Demo, Day 1

Last night I went to check in on the 34th St Project because demolition began. (Woo-hoo!)

We started with knocking some walls down on the main floor – so let’s take a look. When you walk into the home and up some stairs, you enter the kitchen – we planned on removing one load bearing wall from the main floor and a wall in the kitchen to really open up the space:

34th St Home

Last night she was a little worse for wear:

#34thStProject progress shots! Demo!! Day 1. (A few more photos to come rapidly)

When you walk through that arched doorway you enter the living room, let’s do that – and then pivot 180 degrees.

Proposed plan:
34th St Home

Day 1:
Demo! Wall removal #34thstproject (in living room)

The other side of the load bearing wall you see removed (and helllloooo Chimney!) was a bedroom:

34th St home

See the proposed plan in photo here.

Day 1:
Bedroom - chimney was hidden in a closet, now removed - opened the wall to the living room #34thstproject

Looking from living room into the bedroom, now one big living space (almost).


When I stop there today I think we’ll see the wall from the kitchen to the living space removed. I can’t wait to see it blown wide open.

To answer a few questions:

Yes! We’re keeping the chimney exposed. As seen here, here, and here the closet under the stairs will be removed yet as well. What do we think of something like this for the chimney? Once the closet is gone there’ll be more room to work with. Possibly built in shelving? A coffee cart?

Yes! You can help. Please do, actually. Hop on to the Pinterest board and pin away with suggestions, comment or send me ideas. We’ll have a color class in a few weeks to determine the overall pallet for the home (paint swatch party!). Wanna be there? I’d love to have your input.

Yes! It’s easy to see the progress as it happens. Just follow along on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

We’ll check in as changes are made and please speak up if you have questions!