How I see things

An object is always useful in ways other than it’s original intent. I am in love with functional design, do it yourself and Pinterest.

A couple weeks ago I set out to find a Cable Spool on the side of the road … and did. Also this: working on something!

It was even delivered to my house (also for free, bonus!) because it was too large to fit in my mini-van. This thing is TALL. It will need bar stools for seating – right now we use it as a standing table and it works wonderfully. This sits on our back patio where we enjoy BBQ’s and snacks and outdoor fun.


These could possibly be the bar stools – and for only $10 a pop, I wouldn’t feel bad about investing in them.


But I was wondering, could a ladder work too? A step ladder? If I found one (or more like 4) at the right height, I wonder if that would look good. I’m on the hunt.

The same day I found the bar stools (but didn’t buy them yet) I found all kinds of other “found objects” to use differently –

These metal rings all of a sudden turn into a custom light fixture with a screw or two …


These white glass thingamajigs … ADORE. Use them while making jewelry or just buy the whole lot of them and stack them in an empty jar. Texture, folks. Your eyes like texture.


You could space them out on a DIY bunting or use them in place of other found objects for a chandelier … hang them individually from a ceiling by fishing wire and you have yourself a starry night. So many options!

Here’s another enchanting thing.

This looks a bit more difficult to make into a light – but I’m smitten with it. It’s worth the conversation, could it be? If not … hang it from your mudroom wall or ceiling – hang baskets or scarves or your garlic to dry from it. Mount it on a wooden stick, metal pole or something upright and you have yourself a coat-tree.

A rusted out commericial grade mixer?


WHY NOT?!??! Use it as decoration in that bakery you always wanted. Take it home and store fruit in it.

This clock …

IMG_2186 Is just pretty. I like it.

A rick-rack shack of a table for outside … I see a potting station. Hang some drop-cloth canvas as a makeshift “cupboard curtain” and build a shelf of two below (and behind) it. Store your gardening gloves, small pots and your tools in the cubby and plant your heart out on it’s surface. Cut your flowers, store your garden bounty … create a fully function station outside to enjoy.

This is heavy and I’m not sure what it was originally but it’s yellow and on wheels and I’d very much like to see this in one of my kids’ bedrooms or a playroom. Insta-stage! It’s also industrial enough that if you had a wall mural or loft in your house for kids this could be a fun “stepping stone” to the next level. Someone into trains? ALL ABOARD.

What have you found lately that made you think of how it could be used differently?? Got any projects going on? Dish it in the comments.