Monday! Goals!

The last few Monday’s I’ve felt as excited about them as a Friday. Like, YAY! Another week! How many adventures can we squeeze into this one?

This week I plan to organize myself so I can take advantage of the many coupons we have for outings. The zoo. The Children’s Museum. Free concerts. I also want to make a menu plan that really uses my pantry.

I’m going to start using Endomondo for all our walking and bike riding. I plan to start running alone this month.

For the month of August I have a few bigger goals:

# Follow through more often. (When the kids ask to do something I generally say yes, then later change my mind. I’d like to stop doing this.)

# Be active every day.

# Find a conference to go to and register. It’s time I be the one who’s inspired and learning something.

# Volunteer somewhere, preferably with my daughter.

# Read a book for fun, read a book for knowledge.

That’s what’s on my mind for this month, for now. What about you?