Props to Heather Armstrong, AKA

That’s right, a whole post giving props to the writer I simply admire most. I would, someday, like to throw reckless abandonment to the wind and write as freely and openly as she does.

I hold alot in when I post because I know certain people are reading my site, and certain people could be affected by what I write, or even offended. But at the same time – although I want to respect certain issues, while they may be issues for some of my readers, they’re not an issue for me – I don’t want to have to hold back.

I’ve been a faithful reader of for over 3 years now. It’s almost impossible for me to be online and NOT check her site. Dooce has given me alot of help in being comfortable with exactly who I am and what I believe in.

Right now the way Heather Armstrong is taking care of herself and her family is so admirable. She’s being honest with herself, her family and her fears, hell; she’s being honest with the entire world.

I myself have struggled with depression, a serious disease, of a different sort than dooce, since I was 14 years old. I’ve seen many a counselors and I’ll probably see many more. I look forward to revisiting some of the dooce archives after child birth to get some perspective on postpartum depression, I might even email her myself and ask for some resources.

The point is people, I support wholeheartedly regardless of her swearing, and despite her obvious disgust with mormon religion. From where I stand, she’s taking better care of her family and daughter in exploring her options for better health and mental well being and that’s a gift too many of us forget to give.

So if for some reason, dooce/Heather and or Jon, you stumble on this post – I completely admire your honestly and what you’re doing. I hope you’re on the road to a better and happier life and I’m thinking of you.