Fruits and Veggies are good for you

So I didn’t pass my last blood test – the glucose test and I have to go back to the hospital for a 3-hour glucose tolerance test.

I’m not too enthused about all this, I can’t have anything to eat for 12 hours prior to the 3 hours of testing and I can’t leave the hospital or eat anything in that 3 hours of testing.

I’m in for a long morning come Wednesday.

They gave me a special diet or shall we saw some guidelines as to what I should be eating for the 3 days prior to the test. One of the items on the list is 4 to 5 servings of fruits of vegetables in a day.

And here’s the fun part, that would actually entail me CUTTING DOWN on the fruits and vegetables I eat on a daily basis. Here’s why; we got groceries YESTERDAY and in the fruit/veggie department we bought:

3 oranges
3 bananas
6 apples
2 cantaloupes
1 whole pineapple
3 tomatoes
And some small red potatoes.

It’s only one day later and already I’ve consumed:

Almost a whole cantaloupe
Half of the strawberries
2 apples
An orange
A banana
Some grapes
And some pineapple.

So I think we have that category covered. People are so uninterested when I tell them my main craving is fruit and vegetables. Like I’m seriously trying to be boring for their imagination – because to them, being pregnant means pickles and ice cream and liver chops as the topping to grandmas famous white cake recipe. Grosse.

I like fruit. Alot. There was a time in this past few months where I would eat 2 tomatoes a DAY people. I just can’t get enough of their super awesome goodness. Along with the 27 pounds of apples we picked from Cranes a few weeks ago – CAN’T – GET – ENOUGH.

Oh and the pineapple – lord knows I love that pineapple, but my poor tongue can only take a whole pineapple in a week – not in the 2 day span I’d like to devour it in.

You might be asking yourself if I’m worried about this upcoming test, and well, in all honesty with all this talk about fruit, I’m a little hungry and can’t concentrate on much else but the bowl of pineapple chilling in my fridge. But to overcome that urge and to answer your question – no. No, I’m not worried.

At this point, blood sugar levels and all, there isn’t much I can do to reverse it or take the first test over and hope for different results. No, I don’t want gestational diabetes, but I can’t change it if I do at this point, I can only get better from here and hope for the best last 10 weeks of pregnancy.

I’ve read a bit online about the diabetes and it’s side affects on pregnancy and all that stuff, but if I read everything I’m only going to worry, and I think worrying about anything at this point is worse than having the diabetes or blood sugar problems.

Besides, everyone should cut down on the sugar intake … so it’s just a good reminder, if nothing else, to watch it.